PFP Financial Accountability

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The Peace for Paul Foundation (PFP) is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization in the U.S. 

This is a grassroots organization whose founders work tirelessly to provide a better future for the forgotten children of Uganda. The motivation behind this organization is our love for and desire to help these children. 


End of Year Progress Report

Strategic Plan

Officers and Directors

501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization

Form 990


No more than 12% of your donation goes toward administrative costs. In addition to following transparent and industry-specific best practices for accounting, we utilize a system of checks and balances where no one individual handles all funds, rather we have multiple sets of eyes on all financial interactions. 


Ugandan Operations and Program Services

Expenditures in Uganda for facilities, personnel and care of the children.  This also includes Capital Projects and the Scholarship Fund.


US Operations & Fundraising

Expenditures in The United States and Canada include fundraising expenses, insurance, accounting, payroll, banking, etc.  We expect this percentage to shrink as more funds are raised.

Child Sponsorships - $246,504
Fundraisers - $68,882
One time Donations-$71,137
Other Income-$665

** 2022 figures of income.

Any questions or concerns about where your money is going? Feel free to request more information, photos, or even a chance to visit the children and the PFP team in Uganda yourself! 

We realize that corruption in Africa is a major concern for many, as it is for us. This is why we have chosen the Ugandan coordinators that we have. The team in place has proven their complete trustworthiness and reliability over time, and they take excellent care of our children! 

Meet the Ugandan Team 

Meet the PFP Officers and Directors

PFP wants you to feel CONFIDENT and SECURE in the cause you are supporting. 

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