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August 2017

Welcome to the family

Kato and Kakuru

This month we welcomed the twins Kato and Kakuru into our family. Their last remaining family member, their elderly grandfather, had abandoned them and left them to fend for themselves on the streets. Both boys were very sick with malaria and Kato had an infected would while Kakuru had developed an infestation of jiggers in both feet. Simply finding food had become too difficult for them since neither could walk well and they needed immediate assistance. Thanks to our amazing supporters we were able to find full sponsors for both of them this month and they are now safe and sound, and beginning to recover. We know that in time they will be not only healthy, but happy too. They will have the opportunity to focus on their education and look toward changing their future to a positive one.


Eric had been on our waiting list for quite some time as well. He had formerly been living on the streets but found an auntie in Jinja who had allowed him to stay with her for a while. Unfortunately, her generosity had come to an end as she was no longer able to afford feeding her own children. Eric was being sent back to the streets, but just in time a sponsor stepped up to make sure he would be able to join the PFP program. He is attending school and already proving to be quite the little scholar. We are so excited that Eric no longer has to know hunger or loneliness. He can now focus on being a child and on building a brighter future.

Sponsors Needed

Friday (Click photo below to be re-routed to his profile page)

ONE $165/month or TWO $85/month sponsorships needed

Have you ever wanted to get involved with PFP as a sponsor? Currently, Friday–one of the most charismatic, funny, driven, kind, loving souls you will ever meet needs a sponsor.

Friday has been a part of our program since the first month we started operating. He came to us as a 7 year old little boy who spent his days begging on the streets. He has transformed over the last ten years to an absolutely amazing 17 year old young man who has the biggest heart you will ever find. He says that his dream is to become successful so that in the future he can take care of street children the way we took care of him.

He just started secondary school and we are so proud of him! If you have it in your heart to take on his sponsorship, you will not be disappointed. Of all the children in our program, Friday may be the one who craves a relationship most. His sponsor letters are often pages long and he loves with his whole heart.


This month, seven PFP children celebrated their birthdays. Our birthday party sponsor makes sure that during holidays there is a joint party for all of the children, but we also strive to make sure every child in our program feels special on their special day. The caretakers visited and brought treats for the birthday kids. Looks like everyone enjoyed themselves!

Permaculture and Sustainability

The Peace For Paul Foundation has begun a sustainability project geared to stimulate local economy, educate the community and provide food and income for the Peace For Paul Children’s homes! In May we sent one of our own administrators, Moses, to a highly esteemed permaculture course to learn more about sustainable agriculture in Africa. We are very lucky to have a savvy business woman and friend of The Peace for Paul Foundation living in Jinja who also attended the permaculture course. The course lasted two weeks and included classroom and field practicum work. We were lucky again to have our undeveloped farmland serve as a demonstration site for the course. Around a dozen participants applied permaculture design to a portion of the land and for the first time we began to see the true potential of our land!

With the knowledge of the course behind us and the glimmer of hope on the farmland we dove deep into researching the idea of turning our farmland into a business that could then subsidize the cost of The Peace For Paul Homes. We are still in the process of registering the business with Ugandan Government but we expect the name of the farm to be Nile River Farm. In addition to lowering food costs in the Children’s Homes, we have a couple nearby tourist restaurants who are eager to purchase from our Nile River Farm. Our strongest partnership is with The Nile Porch which includes two restaurants; The Black Lantern and Nile River Camp. We also have negotiations with The Burbon Bar and Grill and The Deli. All of these are longstanding businesses who primarily serve the tourist population. With our customer base in mind we are growing a wide variety of crops including: Maize, Squash, Watermelon, Tomatos, Carrots, Sweet Potatoes, Onions, Garlic, Pineapples, Passion Fruit, Mangos, Papaya, Jack Fruit, a large assortment of herbs, Matoke (local bananas), Dodo (local greens) and Casava (local starch like potato). We expect to harvest as early as August 2017!

School Days

We love visiting our children at school and watching them in action. 14 children attend nursery school, 48 children attend Primary School, and 16 children attend various secondary schools. As always, we are so proud of all that they are accomplishing.  

Hope Home Painting

Painting at Hope Home is coming along beautifully! Our Maintenance man, his son and our caretakers are all helping to paint the house in a bright, beautiful shade of green. Our boys will be so surprised when they return home from school for the holiday to see their home!

PFP Juniors Fun Day

The Peace for Paul Juniors students had their school term “Fun Day.” This is a day where we host the children who have scholarships through PFP. They all come from poverty and often challenging situations so this is a much anticipated day where they get to just be kids. This party included games outside, playground fun, watching a movie, lots of treats, sodas and presentations and dancing from the children. Some declared it was “the best party yet!” A big thanks to our PFP Juniors sponsors for making this happen for them every term!

PFP Junior Sponsors Needed

There are now 25 children in the PFP Junior program! All children currently in the PFP Junior program are fully sponsored, but there is always room for more. For only $35 per month, you could sponsor a child through the PFP Junior Program and help a very deserving little person fulfill their dreams.

Click HERE to sign up to sponsor a PFP Junior child or Contact us at if you have any questions regarding this opportunity.

What is the PFP Junior Program?

The PFP Junior Program allows us to help a larger number of needy Ugandan children obtain an education. The children who benefit from our PFP Junior Program live in our neighborhood and their parents or guardians are unable to afford the full amount of school fees, uniforms and school supplies. Because they have families to look after them, these children will not be living in our home. Rather, these children will live with their families and be sponsored through PFP for education healthcare costs only. This program is designed to be a helping hand to parents who can provide but need some support to contribute to their child’s education and future. The parents pay a small portion of school fees only to keep them involved and empowered to educate their children instead of depending solely on handouts. This program allows an education to be attainable for so many children and their families. In addition, we can help save for the much higher costs of Secondary School.

“All kids need is a little help, a little hope and someone who believes in them.”

Click HERE to sign up to sponsor a PFP Junior child or Contact us at if you have any questions regarding this opportunity.

Family Sponsorship Opportunities

We are looking for general sponsors to help cover the extra costs associated with keeping The Peace for Paul Foundation operating smoothly and the children happy and healthy. Essentially, as a general family sponsor, you are the sponsor of ALL of the children. We have opportunities for medical family sponsor, dental family sponsor as well as mental health family sponsor. A Family sponsor commitment can be – $25/$50/$100 per month.

Just click HERE to sign up to become a family sponsor!
Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this opportunity.

Bulungi Beads

Please check out our Etsy Shop–Bulungi Beads! The shop features beautiful Ugandan jewelry handmade by women working hard in the slums of Masese and by the young women who reside in Peace for Paul’s Peace Home for girls in Uganda.

100% of the proceeds will be sent back to these women and children to help pay for food, clothing, school tuition and supplies. We thank you so much for your contribution to this cause. Click here to view our shop!

New Members Needed

We are continually looking to expand our Peace for Paul team and need people with skills and time to share with this great cause!

Here is a short description of what a PFP Member is:

Peace for Paul is managed by its Board of Directors. There is also a Member pool, which is where people like you–who show an interest, can get their feet wet and see if becoming a Director is something you would like to pursue. We look for people who have a love for the PFP mission and its children and for people who have knowledge and skills to offer which would help PFP grow. As a member, you are invited to (though not required to) attend our monthly Director meetings (via Skype). You are asked to help with our two annual fundraisers (by selling tickets for the raffle, or helping to collect items for the auction). You are also offered the chance to join our various committees if you have an interest in any of them and have a skill that could contribute to its growth. Our current committees are: Sustainability, Education, Social Mission and Fundraising. It is also ideal, if as a member, you take on a specific project. The idea being that you really can dig in and get involved. You could come up with your own project–something you think PFP could benefit from. We would leave that with you!

Please contact us at: if you would like to join our team!

GuideStar Gold Level Participant

The Peace for Paul Foundation recently earned the Gold GuideStar Nonprofit Profile participation level! This leading symbol of nonprofit transparency and accountability is presented by GuideStar, the world’s largest source of nonprofit information.

In order to be awarded the Gold Seal of Transparency, The Peace for Paul Foundation included contact information, financial information, and our goals, strategies, capabilities, indicators, and progress, helping us more effectively share our story with the world.

Check out our GuideStar Nonprofit Profile and tell us what you think:The Peace for Paul Foundation GuideStar Profile