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August 2018

Launch of The ‘A Hand Up (AHU)’ Program

PFP has launched its newest community program! ‘A Hand Up’ aims to enable vulnerable young adults in our community to become functioning members of society and continue to cycle of giving and hope. Successful applicants will be vulnerable young men and women who are determined, hard working, skilled and who have a desire to give back. The recipients will not be receiving a hand out–rather a hand up. We will provide financial assistance and mentorship to hard working adults to provide a means to improve their lives by completing their education, learning a trade or starting a business. Applicants will be expected to continue the cycle of giving.

We are so excited to launch this program! We will be looking for partners for Uganda’s future leaders. Sponsorship will be $85/month and will make a world of difference. Please reach out if you are interested. We will be posting updates on our first recipients next month!

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this opportunity.

School Days

The children are all at school, studying hard and wrapping up their end of term exams. All are looking forward to the next holiday, which will begin on August 17th!

InterHouse Competition Winners

Our boys did great in their inter house athletics competition. Bosco in the orange got silver and Paul in the yellow got bronze for one of the running events. Well done!!!!

Birthday Celebrations

Our July birthdays were:

  • Morgan (5 years)
  • Shatra (6 years)
  • Kafero (7 years)
  • Rebecca (8 years)
  • Sharifa (10 years)
  • Noah (11 years)
  • Alyat (14 years)
  • Gloria (16 years)
  • Lotukei (21 years)

Welcome Florida!

We have added one additional staff person to our ever growing team. Our newest caretaker at Peace Home is kind and loving and will be a great role model for the girls at Peace Home.  Florida graduated in 2013 from Uganda Christian University with a degree in Business Administration. She realized quickly, however that her passion is in working with children and especially children from vulnerable backgrounds. She says her dream is to see those that she works with grow and smile and live a healthy and happy life. Florida is a caring, flexible and cooperative person and we are so excited to have her as a part of our team!

August Social Mission Delegation

The August Social Mission Delegation will be taking off for Uganda in mid August! The delegation group of five will be working hard to make an impact in the community as well as within the PFP homes. Projects will include fundraising for construction of six new latrines (outdoor toilets), a new playground and construction/painting within a struggling local primary school. There will be a visit to the Jinja Hospital to learn more about the way hospitals and medical facilities are run in Uganda. The team will be looking for patients in need of treatment and fundraising dollars will be used to help as many as possible. The group will also be hosting a special ‘Days for Girls’ at the PFP Peace Home. The older PFP girls, PFP Junior girls and other girls in the community will come together for a day of fun and talking about “girl stuff” that often goes unspoken about in a fun and open environment. The delegation team will host a lunch and have a great time with all the girls!

Interested in learning more about these delegation trips? Below is some information!

The delegation involves a group of visitors led by a PFP Director working together on various community and PFP projects with an aim to make a positive and long lasting impact through all we do.  The PFP director and delegates fund-raise prior to their visit to help fund the projects they will undertake and to support the sustainability of PFP.  Jinja, Uganda is also a beautiful place on the Nile River with a lot to see and do.  If you think you may be interested in joining a future delegation, please contact for more information.  We are able to lead a limited number of people, giving priority to those who commit first , so reach out to us now if you are interested!

Day of The African Child

The Day of the African Child was held this month in July and our caretakers and children from Love Home went to represent PFP. The day was set by the government to commemorate the suffering children in Africa. On this day, all NGOs are invited to participate. There is drumming, music, poems, dance, speeches from government officials, and other activities.

Swimming Lessons

The little Love Home kids attending nursery school participate regularly in swimming lessons.  The children love this activity and this opportunity will help them become more comfortable in the water and obtain a lifesaving skill.  They live so close to two large water sources, the Nile River and Lake Victoria, so knowing how to swim is very valuable.  A big thanks to a generous auction donor for making it all possible!

Nile River Farms

Currently at NRF, the focus is on sweet potatoes, beans and maize. Beans have been harvested and we are preparing to sell to the community.  Maize is almost ready for harvest as well.  Crops are being sold to the PFP homes and to local communities.

The chickens and pigs continue to thrive on our farm. We now have three pregnant mothers on our farm and we anticipate growing our number to more than 100 by the end of the year. There are currently 47 chickens on the farm and they are expected to be producing eggs by mid August.  The oldest PFP children continue to spend 1-2 days a week during holidays working on the farm, learning farming skills and earning an income for them to budget and spend as they need to.

The PFP Junior Program

The PFP Junior Program allows us to help a larger number of needy Ugandan children obtain an education. The children who benefit from this program live in our neighborhood, however, their parents or guardians are unable to afford the full amount of school fees, uniforms and school supplies which are often more than a family can earn in a month. Because these children have families to look after them, they will not be living in our homes. Rather, they will live with their families and be sponsored through PFP for educational support. This program is designed to be a partnership with parents who care for their child but need support to ensure their child can obtain an education and have a positive future. The parents contribute a small portion when they are able to keep them involved and empowered to educate their children instead of depending solely on handouts. This program allows an education to be attainable for so many children and their families. In addition, we are saving and planning for the much higher costs of secondary school for the students.

The next school term starting in September, we have a goal to bring in five more children looking to access an education!  Almost every child in Uganda dreams of an education, but only some see that become a reality.  You can make that dream come true for a child by sponsoring for only $35 USD per month.  This will cover school supplies, uniforms and some or all of the school fees depending on the family’s ability to contribute.  This sponsorship also supports many community handouts of school supplies to local students who often lack even the basics of pencils and paper to study.  Please contact if you would like to learn more about children currently seeking sponsorship to start school.

“All kids need is a little help, a little hope and someone who believes in them.”


Family Sponsorship Opportunities

We are always looking for general sponsors to help cover the extra costs associated with keeping The Peace for Paul Foundation operating smoothly and the children happy and healthy. Essentially, as a general family sponsor, you are the sponsor of ALL of the children. We have opportunities for Medical Family Sponsor, Dental Family Sponsor as well as Mental Health Family Sponsor. A Family Sponsor commitment can be – $25/$50/$100 per month.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this opportunity.

Bulungi Beads

The Bulungi Beads Etsy shop features beautiful Ugandan jewelry handmade by women working hard in the slums of Masese and by the young men and women learning the skill in the PFP program.

Beads are purchased from the women and PFP artisans to support their growing businesses and their families. All profits are sent back to the women and to the PFP program to help pay for food, clothing, school tuition and supplies. We thank you so much for your contribution to this cause. Click here to view our shop!

Bulungi Beads Education Scholarship

Bulungi Beads has been profitable enough over the last year that we were able to launch the scholarship portion of this program in May! One child of each of the Bulungi Beads ladies will benefit. Faraji, Bush and Rachel will be starting boarding school this month! Not as a handout, not as a sponsorship, but as a direct result of their own parents’ hard work and beautiful products. We are so proud of this program and hope it will continue to grow so these mothers may educate the rest of their children too!

Bulungi Beads is on Instagram and Facebook!

PFP’s Bulungi Beads is now on Instagram and on Facebook! Please follow us! You’ll get to see all kinds of wonderful things!

Upcoming Bulungi Beads Events

Come and see us in person at the next ROAR event in Vancouver, WA  on August 23rd, at 7:30 PM. We would love to see you there!  Check them out at

New Members Needed

We are continually looking to expand our Peace for Paul team and need people with skills and time to share with this great cause!

Here is a short description of what a PFP Member is:

Peace for Paul is managed by its Board of Directors. There is also a Member pool, which is where people like you–who show an interest, can get their feet wet and see if becoming a Director is something you would like to pursue. We look for people who have a love for the PFP mission and its children and for people who have knowledge and skills to offer which would help PFP grow. As a member, you are invited to (though not required to) attend our monthly Director meetings (via Skype). You are asked to help with our two annual fundraisers (by selling tickets for the raffle, or helping to collect items for the auction). You are also offered the chance to join our various committees if you have an interest in any of them and have a skill that could contribute to its growth. Our current committees are: Sustainability, Education, Social Mission and Fundraising. It is also ideal, if as a Member, you take on a specific project. The idea being that you really can dig in and get involved. You could come up with your own project–something you think PFP could benefit from. We would leave that with you!

Please contact us at: if you would like to join our team!

GuideStar Gold Level Participant

The Peace for Paul Foundation recently earned the Gold GuideStar Nonprofit Profile participation level! This leading symbol of nonprofit transparency and accountability is presented by GuideStar, the world’s largest source of nonprofit information.

In order to be awarded the Gold Seal of Transparency, The Peace for Paul Foundation included contact information, financial information, our goals, strategies, capabilities, indicators, and progress, helping us more effectively share our story with the world.

Check out our GuideStar Nonprofit Profile and tell us what you think:The Peace for Paul Foundation GuideStar Profile