‘A Hand Up’ Future Leaders

A Hand Up Program


The ‘A Hand Up’ Program aims to empower vulnerable young adults in our community. The goal is to  enable them to become functioning members of society and to continue the cycle of giving and hope. Recipients of this scholarship are vulnerable young men and women who are determined, hard working, skilled and who have a desire to give back. The recipients will not be receiving a hand out–rather they will receive a hand up. AHU will provide financial assistance and mentoring to hard working adults and will provide a means to help them improve their own lives by allowing them to complete their education, learn a trade or start a business. Applicants will be expected to continue the cycle of giving in their own community. 

We are looking for partners for future leaders in this program. Sponsorship is variable based on the specific needs of each candidate but will range from $85/month to $150/month. Sponsorship may be single or shared between two sponsors. 

Contact us for available sponsorship opportunities: hope@peaceforpaulfoundation.org