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December 2015- Meet Fatuma and Shatura, Nursery Graduates, Family Sponsorship, Peace Home Makeover.

Meet Fatuma and Shatura. Fatuma is a wonderful girl who loves playing dodgeball and whose favorite food is posho and beans. She wants to be a nurse when she grows up! Shatura loves playing with dolls and her favorite foods are fish and rice.

Before joining the PFP family, both children were abandoned by their mother and father and had been living with their great grandmother. The great grandmother had been unable to afford school fees for either child and both had to work in the neighborhood to help earn money just to buy enough food to feed themselves. As their great grandmother was getting older and less able to contribute to their welfare at all, the Local Chairperson had asked for help from PFP to rescue these young girls. Now thanks to their sponsor Karen, both children live in a home where they have enough food, clean water, shelter, medical care, and all other necessities. They are attending school where they will obtain a quality education and will be able to look toward their future with hope. PFP ensures that each holiday, they get to make a trip to visit their beloved grandmother.Fatuma Profile

Santura at school

Our Nursery School Candidates!
Chegem, Ilukol and Sharifa graduated from Nursery School in November! We are so proud of our new graduates!!

Backpacks For Our BOYS!
Heidi is still collecting backpacks for all the boys and letter/photos for all the girls and PFP Junior kids. If you haven’t sent in your package, please do so now!

Family Sponsorship
We are looking for general sponsors to help cover all of the extra costs associated with keeping this organization going and the children happy and healthy. Essentially, as a general family sponsor, you are the sponsor of ALL of the children. We have opportunities for medical family sponsor, dental family sponsor as well as mental health.

A Family sponsor commitment can be – $25/$50/$100 per month.

Please contact PFP if interested.

Peace Home Makeover!!
Peace Home received a makeover as well!!

Kids at School…
Check out our kids at school!!

kids poss for a photo

Juma, Fatuma, Sharifa, Apurio

Home for a Holiday!!…
The kids are coming home for the Holiday! Plans for December include:
· Novel Reading Program
· Hygiene lessons
· Sports program
· Community Cleanup
· Debates
· Moral Code Lessons
· Kiswahili
· Arts and Crafts
· Skills development workshops
· Christmas Party

First Holiday Field Trip for the Kids!…
The children started there long school holiday off with a field trip to Kampala. This is the big capital city a few hours from where they stay so it is always a special treat to travel there. They all toured the Ugandan Parliament as well as visited the National Museum. They enjoyed the day and were very grateful to all for the fun outing!

Social Media
We are currently redesigning our website! It should be up and running within the next few months!…stay tuned!

Peace for Paul is on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook! Thanks for following us! And if you aren’t following us, you should. 😉



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