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February 2022

11th Annual Anywhere in the World Raffle

It’s RAFFLE TICKET SEASON!  PFP Directors and Members continue selling raffle tickets for $20 each with a chance to win two round trip tickets to ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, ON ANY AIRLINE. There are only 2,000 total tickets sold and tickets can be booked for up to TWO YEARS from date of drawing! The drawing will be held March 30th, 2022 via Live Facebook drawing (you do not need to be present to win). This is one of two major fundraisers that we rely on in order to keep our programs running smoothly. Thanks to our generous sponsor, BrightTrip, there is zero cost to PFP, and we are able to raise $40,000 in order to keep our programs running. We hope you will take part!

Sponsor Needed

We are looking for a sponsor match for our sweet Irene. Irene hopes to one day become a nurse and loves playing netball.  She has been with us since 2011 and we are so proud of the young lady she is becoming. If you are interested to learn how you could walk along with her on her journey, please reach out!

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this opportunity:

Back to School!!!

The day has finally come! On January 10th, all of the PFP children returned to school! After a nearly two year closure of schools across Uganda, our children were both thrilled and nervous to return. We saw them off with love and pride and intend to keep a close eye on them as they transition back into a life of studies, away from home. The PFP Management Team and Student Advisory Committee will plan to visit all children at their various schools each month to bring snacks, to meet with them and to listen to them to see how we can be the best support system possible.

Boarding the bus to Victoria Boarding School

Students at Victoria Junior, excited to be back at school

Fresher, escorting his little brother Esau on his first day of school

Teddy, Rebecca, Promise, Leah, Patience and Harriet, heading out!

New Shoes for EVERYONE!

In an effort to make everyone feel more ready for school, each and every student in all of our programs, received a shiny new pair of shoes! Look at these smiling faces! 🙂

Victoria Junior students, showing off their new shoes!

Welcome to the Family

This month, we welcomed Abura into the family. She made the trip from Northern Uganda with one of our elder students, Tikol, as her current living situation was not safe. Abura lost her mother earlier this year, and so she was brought to PFP to be with her brother Luke (who has been a part of our program since 2011).  We are proud to walk alongside her as she grows and thrives. During school holidays, she will travel back to Northern Uganda with our elder Karamojong students and they will ensure she is able to maintain family ties with her surviving relatives, while also monitoring her situation to ensure her safety.

Abura and Tikol, finally home

New Sponsors Connected!

This month, five children found their sponsor match! Abura, Angel, Isiko, Kamiya and Angel have all been blessed to find their sponsors just in time to head off to school after a two year closure! What great news for all of them!

Facebook Birthday Fundraisers

Love Home girls wishing a friend happy birthday

Many of our supporters have “donated” their birthdays to PFP by hosting a birthday fundraiser through Facebook. It is so easy to do and Facebook fundraisers take ZERO administrative fees! We hope you will consider including PFP for your next birthday! 

Birthday Celebrations

Happy, happy birthday to December birthday celebrants! We always do our best to make sure every child in our PFP main program gets a chance to feel special on their birthday.  Each child receives a gift and has a small celebration followed by a BIG birthday celebration all together at the swimming pool during school holidays. Many sponsors get involved by sending gifts to their child as well. All children deserve to feel special on their day and we always do our best to make it so! 

In January, many of our birthday kids sponsor families stepped up to provide an extra special birthday celebration for their children. We love seeing the love between the PFP children and their sponsors– from across the entire world! 

Sanyu, preparing for her party!

Happy Birthday to Our February Birthday Girls and Boys- we wish you all THE BEST as we celebrate  YOU this month!

If you are the sponsor of a birthday child this month, you are welcome to send us an email and we can work together to make their day even more special!

Community Support

Every month, we provide various support for families in our community and just love seeing the smiles it brings to their faces, especially the little ones! Gift sure seems excited about her chicken!

Gift with her gift of food (and a chicken!)

Gift with her family

Community Outreach Project

“Ann’s Team” continues to mentor and follow the three ladies that have been the recipients of her community grant.    

Claire showing our coordinator Isaac how her business is moving

Claire’s clothing business is thriving! She moves every day to the busy city center and has been able to find a good market for her clothing sales. She is able to pay her rent and her bills and both of her daughters have been sent off to school for the first time in their lives. She says that never in her entire life had she dreamed that they would both be enrolled in school and furthering their education.  Things are looking up for Claire and we will continue to walk alongside her and make sure she continues to thrive and grow until she can be completely self-sufficient. 

Lydia showing off her shoe kiosk in town

Lydia continues to grow her shoe business and all five of her sons are now away at school. Lydia is overjoyed that her boys are safe and learning and she is now focusing on continuing to grow her business. She has opened a kiosk in town and things are going well. There is a challenge of rising transportation costs, which affects her business, but overall she is doing well. We will continue to mentor her and offer support until she is able to be fully on her own. Her children will remain a part of the PFP programs so we can see them all finish their education. 

Alice’s charcoal business is doing great! She says that with her new business plan and with having enough stock, she has been able to register a profit from every bag of charcoal she starts with. Her two elder daughters are in school and her youngest Rihanna remains at home with her as she is still a baby. 🙂 We will continue to support the children for education while mentoring Alice and ensuring her business continues to grow. 

Elder Students Mentoring Younger Students

The students involved in our Student Advisory Team (students in Senior level 5 and above) and our A Hand Up students continue to be such a great influence on our younger students, and we could not be more proud. From art classes to dance lessons, to playing football, visiting at schools and more, these students are rocking it!

Charlie with the boys at Hope Home


Faima, Müzeyi and Maryanne

The PFP Junior Program

The Juniors Program works with families in our community so parents may be able to send their children to school. These children live full time with their families but for them, poverty has prevented the children from attending school regularly. This program is a partnership between parents and PFP to supplement on what they are able to contribute so parents may take pride in being able to send their children to school through their own hard work. The ages of children in this program range from four years to eighteen years of age and we currently have 89 students who are benefiting from this partnership. 

Rocsana and her siblings

PFP Juniors Supplemental Programs

In an effort to address the needs of the whole child and his or her family, our PFP Juniors coordinator has ramped up the supplemental programs being offered. Each month, there is a regular schedule for career guidance, hygiene and sex education, skills lessons (knitting, painting, tailoring and dance lessons), mental health therapy, family planning and birth control for parents, community outreach programs (food distribution and family empowerment), fun day, and tutoring. The Juniors children are LOVING it and getting involved with more and more programs by the week!

PFP Juniors child–Enoch and his mom

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this opportunity:

Family Sponsorship Opportunities

We are always looking for general sponsors to help our family thrive.  Essentially, as a general family sponsor, you are the sponsor of ALL of the children. We have opportunities for Medical Family Sponsor, Dental Family Sponsor as well as Mental Health Family Sponsor. A Family Sponsor commitment can be $25/$50/$100 per month.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this opportunity:

Director (on the Board) Needed

We are looking to add a new Director or two to our board and what better place to look than from within our team of awesome supporters. We are always looking for ways to improve and would love to find someone with a background in Microfinance, child development or child psychology. If you would like to support the work of PFP in a more meaningful way, we’d love to chat. Please reach out via the email below and we can go from there to determine if it might be a good fit. At the very least…. we’ll have a great conversation and a chance to connect.Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this opportunity:

“Mama Ajuna” with her children

GuideStar Platinum Level Participant

The Peace for Paul Foundation has earned the Platinum GuideStar Nonprofit Profile participation level (the highest possible)! This leading symbol of nonprofit transparency and accountability is presented by GuideStar, the world’s largest source of nonprofit information.

In order to be awarded the Platinum Seal of Transparency, The Peace for Paul Foundation included contact information, financial information, our goals, strategies, capabilities, indicators, and progress, helping us more effectively share our story with the world.

Check out our GuideStar Nonprofit Profile and tell us what you think:The Peace for Paul Foundation GuideStar Profile