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February 2016- Meet Lotte, Annual Raffle, Backpacks, Job Shadowing, Skills Development.

Meet Lotte

Lotte is a funny, and very intelligent young boy who loves science and the color yellow. He wants to be a professional footballer when he grows up!

Lotte with homemade birdhouse

Here is his story: Lotte’s mother was shot and killed by rebels when he was very young so he does not remember her. After that, his father denied that Lotte was his son. He remained with his father for a few years, but his father’s new wife physically abused Lotte, denied him food, forced him to work and taunted him about the death of his mother. Lotte’s father eventually sent him away and demanded that he no longer call him “dad”.

Lotte was sometimes able to stay with his grandmother, but even she could not (or would not) provide for him. At the age of 5, Lotte began trading work in nearby villages for food or a place to sleep at night. He would do things for people such as tending to cows, fetching water or digging in people’s gardens. Lotte explains that he has always had a strong desire to attend school. Although he could not pay school fees, he would sneak into classes just to hear the lectures.

Lotte came to Peace for Paul in 2013 and began his studies. He loves learning and says he is so lucky to go to school. Lotte is grateful to his sponsor and says “this is a turning point in my life! I am so happy for this new life and for a chance to work hard in school and to get good grades”.

Our 5th Annual Raffle!

The metaphor of international air travel around the globe

Our 5th Annual Raffle is underway! Tickets are going for $20 each for a chance to win TWO economy round trip airline tickets to anywhere in the world! Previous winners have gone to Australia, Thailand and Puerto Rico! Only 2000 tickets sold. Even if you don’t win, it’s a nice donation to a GREAT cause! Just click here to buy your tickets or email one of the Directors with the number of tickets you would like!

Our BOYS have their Backpacks!!

The backpacks were given out during the January break. The kids were so grateful for the gifts from their sponsors. Everyone had fun going through their packages and sharing with friends. The most treasured gift was usually the letters and photos, which the kids passed around to show off to all their friends. Thank you to everyone who took part in this special PFP tradition!


PFP Visitors!!…

A few of our amazing Directors, Brandi, Heidi, and Tomasz as well as volunteers Will and Brianna visited the PFP Family for 3 weeks in January!! Not only did the kids enjoy their visit, but so did the team!

Holiday is in full swing! Programs include:

  • Novel Reading Program
  • Hygiene lessons
  • Sports program
  • Community Cleanup
  • Debates
  • Moral Code Lessons
  • Kiswahili
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Skills development workshops
  • Education outing to the museum and to parliament
  • Christmas Party!

Job Shadowing Experience:

Allan, a Senior 3 student who wishes to become a doctor has started his job shadowing experience with Dr. Mufumba’s clinic. He shadows the doctor as well as other healthcare professionals twice per week to gain skills and experience. Below is a little message from Allan…

“I am so grateful for the program because I am seeing my dream coming true now. I really love the profession and I promise to pursue it as my future career.  

Last time I was there I was taught how to remove the cannula and I did it well, I was also told the reason why they prick the drip bottle on top to avoid the collapse of the bottle.

Today I was reading the drug precise guide which was talking about various drugs that are given to the patients though it was some how complicated, but with time I will get used to it and learn more about the drugs.”

Holiday Christmas Party!

The children celebrated Christmas in a big way! The party was sponsored by Cindy and Amy of AimMe Photography. Peace and Hope homes each had a special breakfast at their own homes and then dressed in their finest to join up at Hope Home for a day of feasting, dancing, and laughter.

Everyday Life!

The children are so full of joy just to do their every day things.. washing, cooking, playing cards, just being kids!

Skills Development:

The children are learning to make bracelets and are honing their computer skills with emailing to their sponsors!

The bracelets made by the boys are so good – they are being purchased by PFP and will be brought back and sold in the States. 2/3 of the profit will go back into the business and 1/3 of the profit will be for the boys to keep themselves. The goal being to teach them about business.

Novel Reading Program:

Our children have daily time set aside for reading. Those too young to read on their own are read to. The books are truly well loved and get passed around and around.

Dental Visit:

The children all had checkups and 9 kids had dental work done. Thanks so much to the VIP donors to our auction this year!


Doctor Mufumba administered Tetanus immunizations all around for our kids this holiday!

Community Service:

The PFP community service project has a goal of teaching our kids the value in volunteering and in giving back to their community.

The boys worked on cleaning up the streets right around their home. Here is what Innocent (boys caretaker) said about it: “The activity we did was really very important, to the community since it involved giving back to the community, it drew attention of many who kept on coming and seeing what was going on and this caused them to take the initiative to come in and appreciate the children for the work they did. Many also promised that next time we have such an activity they would be part of us and would become one unit to make this spread to many other areas as well. The neighbors were all happy and appreciated the work we did.”

The girls completed their community service by cleaning up the Namwezi Health Center. Our girls caretaker Gloria said this: “The girls were so free and happy to serve the community. The nurses in this Health Centre were so happy to see these young girls giving in their energy to clean the Health Centre and they appreciated it so much.”

PFP Family Day:

Many relatives of the children came to Hope Home to spend the day. A meal was served and kids had time to interact with relatives and to show off their school reports.

PFP Birthday Party:

The birthdays of 24 children were celebrated with a swimming outing at Kingfisher followed by a large fried chicken and chips lunch, cake and ice cream.  The children all received presents for their birthday, sponsored by one of our generous sponsors.

PFP Soccer Team Friendly Match:

Friendly match. The boys played a friendly match soccer game with the kids at soft power. Many of the children’s relatives joined to watch the fun.


New Employee for PFP!

An administrator, Moses, has been hired to take care of registrations, paperwork, contracts, and PFP Juniors. Moses is a graduate of Uganda Christian University where he obtained a degree in Business Administration in 2012. He also posses a certificate in computer applications from Makerere University. Previous work experience includes working for Mulago National Referral Hospital in the Accounting Department. Moses is a well-organized and highly motivated person who loves sharing his knowledge with others. He has a strong passion for helping children in need and is proud to be a part of The Peace for Paul Foundation.


PFP Junior Program:

Elvis and Josephine’s only caretaker, their very elderly grandma has fallen ill. Directors Brandi and Will have stepped in to help provide food for the children and medical attention to Grandma. It is likely these kids will be all alone soon when Grandma is no longer with us and we hope to bring them into our program.

We are looking for NEW MEMBERS…

We are looking to expand our Peace for Paul team, and wanted to reach out to you, our amazing support base. I am sure there are so many people out there who would like to get more involved and who have skill sets that we don’t even know about. So this month, we are opening up an opportunity for for our supporters to speak up if you are interested in joining our team as a “Member”. Here is a short description of what a PFP Member is: Peace for Paul is run by its Board of Directors (there are currently 7 of us). There is also a Member pool, which is where people like you–who show an interest can get their feet wet and see if becoming a Director is something you would like to pursue. We look for people who have a love for the PFP mission and its children. People who have varying skill sets and who have knowledge and skills to offer which would help PFP grow. As a member, you are invited to (though not required to attend) our monthly Director meetings (via Skype). You are asked to help with our two annual fundraisers (by selling tickets for the raffle, or helping to collect items for the auction). You are also offered the chance to join our various committees if you have an interest in any of them and have a skill which could contribute. Our current committees are: Sustainability, Education, Volunteer and Fundraising. It is also ideal, if as a member, you take on a specific project. The idea being that you really can dig in and get involved. You could come up with your own project–something you think PFP could benefit from. We would leave that with you!So.. please let me know if you are interested in getting more involved. We want your help!

Family Sponsorships

We are still looking for Family Sponsors to help cover all of the extra costs associated with keeping this organization going and the children happy and healthy. Essentially, as a general family sponsor, you are the sponsor of ALL of the children. Family sponsorship is $25/$50/$100/month. Please contact PFP if interested.



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