Abura Lucy TerryAnne


    Abura’s Story

    Abura was born in 2014 in Walukuba to a family of five children. When she was still young, her parents separated and she lived with her mother and siblings. They stayed in the slum area called Masese. Due to addiction related issues in the home, the eldest son left to live with his grandmother in Napak (northern Uganda) and the third born son, Lopiri Luke, joined Peace for Paul.

    In 2021, their mother passed and Abura was orphaned. Her aunt came and took her to Napak, where she reunited with her elder brother. In this village, the kids did not have access to basic needs such as food, clothing and schooling. Peace for Paul was able to connect with Abura and welcomed her to join her brother Luke in the program. She happily accepted.

    Abura’s future is now one full of hope. She dreams of one day becoming a teacher and making a better life for herself. She attends boarding school year round, but in her free time Abura likes swimming, dancing and riding bicycles. During school holidays Abura is able to reunite with family in Napak under the supervision of a PFP social worker.

    Date of Birth: May 22, 2014

    Place of Birth: Walukuba, Uganda

    Siblings in the PFP Program: Lopiri Luke


    What do you want to be when you grow up? I want to become a teacher.

    Why? So that I can teach other children just the way my teachers do to us.

    What is your favorite color? Red

    What is your favorite food? Chips (french fries) and chicken

    What is your favorite thing to do? Swinging, bicycling and dancing.

    What is your favorite subject in school? Mathematics