Akuluti Clare


    Clare’s Story

    “I live with my mom and dad and my eight siblings in Njeru, Uganda. My father works as a school teacher but he gets very little pay and can go months without being paid.  He understands how important an education is but it is impossible for him to pay for the school fees for all of the children.  Because of this, I am often not able to attend school.  I would love so much to be able to study so that I can be a nurse someday.  Although our life is hard sometimes, I would be the happiest girl to be able to go to school and learn”.

    Now a part of the PFP Juniors program, Clare attends a highly ranked primary school and has big dreams for her future.  While PFP supports her with education and medical expenses, Clare continues to live with her family, who she loves very much. Her mom and dad work hand in hand with PFP and are proud to play a role in supporting Clare in being able to attend school. 


    Date of Birth: May 3, 2008

    What is your favorite subject in school? English

    What do you want to be when you grow up? A Nurse

    Why do you want to go to school?  To study and get knowledge to help me achieve my dreams

    What is your favorite color? Orange

    What is your favorite food? Matooke (plantains) and Ground nut (peanut) sauce

    What are your hobbies? Playing Netball

    Why do you feel an education is important?  It brightens one’s future