Amongin Rose

    Name: Amongin Rose

    Age: 38 years in 2022

    Business: Firewood

    Children: 3 (Paul, Johnathan, Peter (All Mukisa)

    Rose’s  Story

    Rose had been married to her husband for many years before things turned south. It was not until the birth of her third child, that her husband began using drugs and drinking to excess. Once he started taking drugs, he began abusing Rose and her three children. The fighting escalated to the point that her husband began using stones, knives and even a panga to hurt his young family. Rose realized that she could no longer keep her children safe and so they fled. It has been 7 years since she has seen or heard from her husband. After running away, Rose returned to the home of her own single mother. Her mother is elderly and not able to work and so the burden of caring for the entire family has fallen to Rose. She has been unable to pay school fees for her children and so none of them has been able to stay in school. Rose has tried many things to make Monday for her family, and has worked as a maid, a gardener and a babysitter. She has tried to sell firewood and to wash clothes for people too. The money she makes is rarely enough to provide one meal per day for the people in her home.

    In 2022, Rose was accepted into PFP’s community outreach program and has been given the opportunity to grow her own business of selling firewood. Her goal is to continue to grow this business and to also start her own restaurant business. PFP has enrolled each of her 3 children into its PFP Juniors program and they are all now able to attend school regularly, while Rose focuses on growing her business.