Angela Michael


    Michael’s Story

    Michael was born in the Karamoja region located in Northern Uganda. His parents worked hard to send him to school but employment opportunities are scarce in Karamoja. They decided to move to Jinja to find employment and were able to afford one term of nursery school before Michael had to drop out due to lack of school fees. After struggling for months, the family moved back to Northern Uganda and Michael now helps his father rear cattle and chop firewood.  The money they make is not enough to buy basic necessities, let alone send Michael or any of his siblings to school.  In early 2019, Michael was out in the field tending to the animals when a rain storm rolled through. He was struck in the head by lightning and somehow managed to survive albeit with a gruesome scalp injury that will forever be scarred. Thanks to PFP, he has received treatment (including surgery and bone grafting) for the head injury and will be able to attend school while remaining in Karamoja with his family.


    Date of Birth: August 9, 2012

    What is your favorite subject in school? I don’t know yet

    What do you want to be when you grow up? A driver

    Why? I like the way they go fast

    What is your favorite color? Blue

    What is your favorite food? Rice and meat

    What are your hobbies? Playing with friends