Apurio Night Mercy


    Apurio’s Story

    Apurio’s father died in the civil war in Moroto, in northeastern Uganda when she was just a baby. Her mother tried to care for her and her sister, Alyat but without any education or training was unable to get a job. The family fled Northern Uganda, in search of a better life. They found themselves in Jinja, but life was still uncertain there. Apurio’s mother was unable to find employment and resorted to begging on the streets for an income. Before joining PFP, Apurio’s mother would leave her young children in the slums, while she spent the day begging on the streets in town. There was never enough food or any of the basic necessities and Apurio had never been to school because there was no money. She and her sister Alyat would often have to beg for money in town to help support the family. 

    Apurio and Alyat both joined the Peace for Paul family in 2011, after their mother asked us to help rescue them and to give them a chance at a future. Apurio now attends a highly ranked primary boarding school and has big dreams to become a bank manager in the future. PFP makes it a priority for Apurio to maintain a relationship with her mother and her extended family as she grows up. During school holidays, Apurio travels back to Northern Uganda (with her sister Alyat) under the care of our Karamojong social worker, to learn about and be a part of her culture. She enjoys spending time with her mom, grandparents and cousins during holidays and does her best to help them as much as she can. 

    Date of Birth: June 20, 2008

    Place of birth: Masese, Uganda


    What do you want to be when you grow up? I want to become a bank manager

    Why? So I can keep people’s money safe

    What is your favorite color? Pink

    What is your favorite food? Rice and chicken

    What are your hobbies? Playing netball, swimming, reading novels and playing cards

    What is your favorite subject in school? Math