Brenda’s Story

    Brenda was born in the Moroto region, where she lived with her mother, father, and 6 siblings. There were 4 girls and three boys. Life in Moroto had always been hard for the family. They had to fear and struggle with tribal and civil wars, constant hunger, and terrifying drought in the area. Her father was killed by rebels unexpectedly. Her mother could not support her children alone, so three of them (Brenda, Friday and Esther) were sent to live with their aunt in Jinja.

    Life was better in Jinja, but not by much. Their auntie lived in a slum called Masese, and the children were forced to run to the streets daily to search through rubbish pits for enough sustenance to survive. None of the children had been able to attend school because the cost was unaffordable. Her aunt’s husband was an alcoholic and used to beat his wife and all the children. Brenda and her siblings were beaten, starved and mistreated the most because they were not his children.

    In 2008, the Peace for Paul Foundation met Brenda’s brother, Friday, on the streets where he had fled from their uncle. Soon after, Brenda and Esther were able to join the Peace for Paul family and attend school. All three of the siblings are now together and off the streets, looking toward a happy future.

    Date of Birth: April 8, 2002

    Place of birth: Moroto, Uganda


    What do you want to be when you grow up? I want to become a bank manager

    Why? So I can keep people’s money safe

    What is your favorite color? Pink

    What is your favorite food? Sandwiches

    What are your hobbies? Playing jokes and pranks

    What is your favorite school subject? Biology