Ayaki’s Story

    Ayaki was born in Matany, in the Karamojoa region of northeastern Uganda. He is of the Karamojong tribe, a nomadic tribe moving with the seasons and raising cattle for a living. Being close to the border of Sudan and Kenya, automatic weapons became common to protect cattle and families from raids by rebels. Ayaki’s father was killed in one of these raids when he and all of his siblings were young.

    Ayaki’s eldest brother Tikol had this to say about the family’s past: “Losing our father changed the family so much. I was sent to live with my aunt, looking after her cattle, and my mother stayed in another village with Ayaki and the other brothers. In 2009, my mother fell ill and a short while later she died. My brothers and I were total orphans. After the death of our mother, Ayaki and my youngest brothers stayed with my uncle and aunts but they were mistreated there.”

    Ayaki says that he would try to study, but money was not there. He and his cousins were eventually abandoned by their uncle and were forced to find ways to survive by themselves. They became “community children” and would do any work for the village members in exchange for some food or money. “At times, we went hungry all day long for some days and then we would target other people’s fruits and steal them just to have something to eat.”

    In 2013, Peace for Paul came to rescue Ayaki, along with his brothers, Achia and Ilukol. They are all now studying at good schools and performing very well. They are healthy and happy and so grateful for the opportunity they have been given.

    Date of Birth: January 23, 2004

    Place of birth: Moroto, Uganda


    What do you want to be when you grow up? I want to become a business man

    Why? I want to have many shops that sell items to the people

    What is your favorite subject? Science

    What is your favorite color? Green

    What is your favorite food? Rice, chicken and fruit

    What are your hobbies? Playing football and swimming