Draleru Scovia

    Name: Draleru Scovia

    Age: 30 years in 2022

    Business: Charcoal

    Children: 3 (Johnson, Joshua (Twins) plus her sister Zaida)

    Scovia’s  Story

    Scovia had been married to the love of her life, a hardworking man who cared for his family very much. Sadly, in November 2021, he was involved in a motorcycle accident and he lost his life. After he died, his family rejected Scovia and her children and even denied her access to the money and property he had left behind for her. After a few months, the family organized a meeting with Scovia and the other family members. They demanded that she marry her late husband’s brother, a man in his late 50s. When she refused, the family again chased her off and would not offer her any support from her own husband’s holdings. It was then that Scovia realized she was on her own. She has since been struggling to make ends meet and to care for her twin daughters, as well as her own young sister who was abandoned by their own parents. Scovia is stressed and the pain of her loss, rejection and stress of being unable to feed her family has caused an impact on her overall physical health and mental well-being. Scovia often falls sick and is unable to work.

    In 2022, Scovia was accepted into PFP’s community outreach program and has been given the opportunity to grow her own business of selling charcoal and rice. Scovia has a strong customer base already and has high hopes that she will be able to become self-sustaining with just a small hand up from PFP’s community outreach program. PFP has enrolled each of her twins, as well as her young sister into its PFP Juniors program and they are all now able to attend school regularly, while Scovia focuses on growing her business.