Elvis’ Story

    Elvis’ father passed away just before he was born and one year later, his mother passed away as well. Elvis and his sister Josephine had been living with their elderly grandmother and were a part of the PFP Junior program for two years, while still living with her. Their grandmother is far past the life expectancy of a woman in Uganda and she frequently falls sick and is unable to work to earn money for survival. Elvis’ grandmother is a kind woman and loves Elvis and Josephine very much. Unfortunately, it has become harder and harder for her grandmother to contribute to the children’s welfare and she has asked that the two children be allowed to join our main program. The great news is that the homes that Elvis and Josephine now live are just a short walk from their grandmother’s house so they are able to visit often—and they most definitely do!

    Date of Birth: April 27,2005

    Place of birth: Jinja, Uganda


    What do you want to be when you grow up? I want to become a pilot

    Why? Because I want there to be many more pilots in all of Uganda

    What is your favorite color? Red

    What is your favorite food? Chips and chicken

    What are your hobbies? Playing Football and swimming

    What is your favorite school subject? Physics and Chemistry