George Bush


    Bush’s Story

    “I was born on June 13, 2005. My name is George Bush because my daddy was hearing about George Bush who was the best politician and so he gave me that name. I saw my friends going to school when I was little and I used to cry because I knew I could not go. My family’s problem was poverty and they were not able to pay my school fees. Sometimes when they could raise money for school fees I was in class and every time I was the top performer. I love school so much. My parents really struggled to send me to school but once I joined Senior level the hope was almost gone since the fees amount increased so much”.

     Bush’s mother Fatuma is a hard-working woman whose dream is to see her children succeed and rise up out of the poverty they were born into. With a little hand up, from PFP Fatuma is able to send Bush to attend Musana Senior Boarding school. He is now able to focus on his education and on his future without fear of being chased away from school due to unpaid school fees. 


    Full Name: Muginge George Bush

    Date of Birth: June 13, 2005

    What do you want to be when you grow up? I want to become a doctor. 

    Why? I love doctors so much because the work they do is to save people from pain. I want to treat sick people and help my family during illness.

    What is your favorite subject in school? English

    Why do you want to go to school? I want to go to school because education is important as it helps one learn new things.  

    What is your favorite color? Blue

    What is your favorite food? Chicken and chips

    What are your hobbies? Playing basketball and football