Jonathan Mufumba

    Date of Birth: July 8, 2007

    Jonathan is an intelligent, friendly, respectful and hardworking young man. He loves playing games, swimming and listening to music.  He is the first son of the late Doctor Mufumba (our friend and PFP Health Director) and he remembers Dr Mufmba fondly. “He was very happy and social. He used to take us for outings in nice places. He was very social and always advising. I loved him so much”.
    Jonathan loves math and english. His dream is to one day become a cardiologist and a psychiatrist, just like Doctor Mufumba.
    Through the AHU scholarship program, Jonathan will receive the educational support he needs to finish school and to reach all of his dreams. We know he will make Dr Mufumba (and all of us) proud.