Alex’s Story

    Alex has lived in a bad home situation for most of his life in the slums. There was a lot of violence between his parents that led to his mother abandoning the family and moving to another part of the country. Alex’s father is disabled and has no use of his legs or one hand. Without a wheelchair, he is confined to crawling and therefore unable to do almost any work. He would often disappear for days looking for work or food. Alex was locked out of the home and forced to sleep on the streets which often resulted in further violence and abuse from others. He found a group of street children that he used to join to pick rubbish for food and beg for money. Alex believes he has siblings but does not know them or where they may be.

    Since joining Peace for Paul, he is able to study and feel safety and security that he has never had before. Alex loves playing his favorite sport football in all of his free time, loves his school, and loves his better life.

    Date of Birth: September 17, 2004

    Place of birth: Masese, Uganda


    What do you want to be when you grow up? I want to become a Businessman

    Why? Because it pays well and I want to help my family

    What is your favorite subject? Chemistry

    What is your favorite color? Blue

    What is your favorite food? Rice and beef

    What are your hobbies? Playing football