Loduuk Mark


    Mark’s Story

    “I was born in Masese, the slums outside of Jinja. I lived with both of my parents and had five siblings. There were three girls and three boys. In 1995, my oldest sibling passed away as a child, but we don’t know why. My father got sick in 2008 with liver cancer. He was in treatment for alcoholism, and while he was there, he passed away. The last-born child died immediately after my father passed, and not long after that the second to last, Terezza, passed away. My mother was tired of seeing her family die before her and she felt like she didn’t have any hope and became suicidal. My siblings and I were living on the streets and spent many nights there. Food and shelter were difficult to find and hard to afford, and when we did have shelter it was not in good shape. I would collect scrap metal or pick charcoal to get some money for some food. I would also pick rubbish in town for food and other things that could be sold. Often all I could afford was sugarcane so I lost three teeth.

    My hope was renewed when I joined the Peace for Paul Foundation family in November 2008. My life is now so fine. The medication I get now is so good. The food here is nice to eat and I have access to my best dish also. I learned how to relate to my friends in the new family. They are now my new brothers and sisters. I like playing with them and I also get the good quality education. I have also got friends outside. I wear good clean clothes now. I thank the Peace for Paul Foundation for everything it has provided to us. I will struggle so hard to make sure that my relatives are in good condition. Houses are made out of mud and are expensive nowadays so I will help them build quality homes. When I succeed in life, I will have it as a responsibility upon me to make sure I help them too. My mom lives in a very bad condition. My siblings and I do remember a lot and this gives us the guts to work hard and see that our future is very good”.

    Mark now attends a highly ranked secondary boarding school and has big dreams to become a pastor and a businessman in the future. He also has a passion for making music and would like to one day release a gospel record. During school holidays, Mark travels back to Northern Uganda to learn about and be a part of his culture in Karamoja. Mark stays with the PFP resettlement liaison, our Karamojong social worker in Karamoja, but spends days with his mom and younger siblings, helping them as much as he is able. Mark has a strong connection with his family and enjoys spending time with his mother. 


    Date of Birth: November 7th, 1999

    Place of birth: Masese, Uganda


    What do you want to be when you grow up? I want to become a business administrator

    Why? I want to create my own job and also be able to employ other people and create opportunities for them

    What is your favorite color? Yellow

    What is your favorite food? Chicken pizza

    What are your hobbies? Creating music and rapping, playing volleyball and swimming

    What is our favorite school subject? Geography