Mabuge Yasin


    Yasin’s Story

    Yasin was born to a very young teenage couple and though his mother loved him very much, his father had no intention of becoming a father at his young age. Yasin lived with his young, though very loving mother from birth until 6 years old, when sadly she was murdered and sacrificed by a strange cult. This left Yasin with no one but his father to rely on. Yasin’s father did not welcome him and instead starved him and abused him both physically and emotionally. He blamed Yasin for all of his troubles and forced him to work instead of going to school. After two years of this torture, in order to save himself, Yasin ran away and found himself living on the street both day and night for five years. While there, Yasin would eat from trash bins, beg for money during the day and sleep on the hard ground at night. When he was caught stealing food out of desperation, he recounts the beatings he would be subjected to from the police. Yasin and his friends tell the story of how the police would find the young boys sleeping on the street, and as a game to entertain themselves, would wake the children up and force the boys to fight each other or they would “face the batons”. To escape from the anguish of this mental and physical abuse, and the physical pain from hunger, Yasin began huffing jet fuel oil- as many street children in Jinja do. The drugs numbed his pain and allowed him to sleep at night, but they affected his physical and mental state. As a result of this difficult life, Yasin began to fall sick and his health deteriorated. He started to lose hope for his life and for his future.

    In May of 2021, Yasin was one of 6 young children who were found living on the streets of Jinja and who volunteered to play a role in the PFP video filming project. As it soon became clear that Yasin had a desire to return to school and to move away from street life, PFP helped to make that a reality. Yasin has now been welcomed into our full program and school fees and financial support will be provided indefinitely. Yasin will reside at PFP’s Hope Home while we search for a safe and loving family member that he may be reunited with. Should we not be able to find a safe place for him, Yasin will have a home with us. He will now look toward his future with hope and the goal will remain to see him find joy in life and be empowered to rise up out of the poverty he was born into.

    Date of Birth: June 12, 2008


    What do you want to be when you grow up? I want to become an accountant

    Why? I want to learn how to work with money

    What is your favorite color? Red 

    What is your favorite food? Rice and chicken

    What is your favorite thing to do? I love swimming

    What is your favorite subject in school? Science

    Why? Because I love nature