Mary Gorrett


    Mary’s Story

    “My mother left our family when I was a baby and I have no memory of her at all. My father was a boda-boda driver (a motorcycle taxi driver) when I was younger, but one day as he was coming home from work, he was attacked by men who hurt him with a panga and iron bars. He was beaten on the head and almost died, but lucky enough a kind Samaritan stopped when he was seen on the roadside. He was then rushed to the hospital where he was able to receive treatment. My dad survived, but he has never been the same since. He lost all of his memory and is no longer able to work or to take care of himself. My dad’s sister (my aunt) took me in and has been caring for me ever since. My aunt has a small garden and does some farming to earn enough money for food, but there is not enough money to send me to school. I would love to go to school so I can make friends and learn how to count and how to add and subtract.  My dream is to become an accountant so I can help my dad, my aunt and my siblings in the future”.

    Date of Birth: August 22, 2011


    What do you want to be when you grow up? I want to become an accountant

    Why? I hope to make enough money to be able to help myself and my family too

    What is your favorite color? Red and pink

    What is your favorite food? Matooke and pork

    What is your favorite thing to do? I love to jump rope and play dodgeball

    What is your favorite subject in school? Mathematics

    Why do you feel that education is important? Because I can make friends at school and I can learn how to read and write