Milly Namaganda


    Milly’s Story

    “My name is Milly. I live with my Jaja (grandma), my mom and my siblings. I can’t go to school because my Jaja (grandmother) can’t afford to pay the fees.

    I used to live with my mom and Dad, but my father died when I was a baby. He was at work digging a big hole and it collapsed in on him and he was buried alive. My Mom had a break down and was not able to do anything to help her family so we ended up living with Jaja.

    My Jaja is in her 90s and I try to help her with the chickens and ducks and our small garden. When we have extra, we sell it to try and pay for the things we need. There is not enough money left over to pay for school fees.

    As part of the Peace for Paul Junior program I will be able to attend school and I will work hard so that I can help my family when I am older.”

    Date of Birth: July 7th, 2016


    What do you want to be when you grow up? I want to become a teacher

    What is your favorite color? Blue

    What is your favorite food? Rice and beef

    What is your favorite thing to do? Playing dodgeball and playing jumprope

    What is your favorite subject in school? Math

    Why do you feel school is important? It will help me to learn and become a better person