Mirembe Immaculate


    Mirembe’s Story

    Mirembe’s father abandoned the family when she was three years old. Her mother says that one day he left to look for work and just never returned. Mirembe now lives with her mom and two siblings in a small, one room mud hut.   Her mother works hard preparing cassava in the early mornings to sell to people going to work, however it is an unreliable income and is not enough to fulfill even the most basic needs of the family.  Mirembe’s mother worries about her children and how she will be able to educate them when she struggles to pay rent and buy food. Her dream is to send her children to school so they can have a bright future and succeed in life.  Mirembe is hopeful that she will be a doctor someday so she can help sick people and help her mother.

    Now a part of the PFP Juniors program, Mirembe attends a highly ranked primary school. She has big dreams to become a doctor someday because she says “she wants to help sick people and help her mother to have a better life”.  While PFP supports her with education and medical expenses, Mirembe continues to live with her mom, who she loves very much. Her mother works hand in hand with PFP and is proud to play a role in supporting Mirembe in being able to attend school. 


    Date of Birth: July 27, 2009

    What is your favorite subject in school? English

    What do you want to be when you grow up? A Doctor

    Why do you want to go to school?  I want to learn so much

    What is your favorite color? Green

    What is your favorite food? Rice and Meat

    What are your hobbies? Jumping the rope