Mukasa Eria


    Eria’s Story

    Eria’s mother left him with his father when he was just two months old. No one has been able to articulate where she went or what happened to her. His father remarried but sadly neither he nor Eria’s new step mom offered love or support to him. His father would regularly beat him to the point of not being able to walk for days at a time. Eria tells the story of being beaten for such minor offenses as playing so much that his clothes became dirty, or not washing his clothes well enough. His stepmother would stand by and watch what was happening to him without intervening to protect him. Eria was often denied food and once he turned 5 years old, he realized he did not have to continue living in this life. One day, after being beaten so badly he was bloody and his hands and face were swollen he ran to a quiet place where he could rest. From here, he decided not to go back home and kept on walking until he found a trading center where he could beg for food. His father and stepmother never came looking for him, as if he were of no value at all. After a few days of living alone on the streets, the PFP Social Work team found Eria crying, looking for food and with a swollen face and body and with scars all over. He was rescued and brought to Love Home for treatment and psychological support. His father was reported and arrested and is awaiting trial for child abuse.

    Eria has been welcomed into the PFP family and will now have a safe place to call home. He will have access to food, education, and security and will never be alone again. We look forward to watching this sweet young man thrive and rise up out of the poverty and pain he was born into.

    Date of Birth: September 20, 2016


    What do you want to be when you grow up? I want to become a secondary school teacher

    Why? Because I want children to learn

    What is your favorite color? Red 

    What is your favorite food? Rice and meat

    What is your favorite thing to do? I love playing with toy cars

    What is your favorite subject in school? Drawing

    Why? Because I love colors and nice looking things