Munduru Alice

    Name: Munduru Alice

    Age: 31 years in 2022

    Business: Charcoal

    Children: 3 (Daniela, Gift, Rihanna)

    Alice’s Story

    Alice has struggled to make ends meet since she was a young girl. Her father had died while she was young, and being a girl, she had no claim to any of his inheritance. Her brother pushed Alice away from the home when she was a teenager. She struggled to survive and sadly became a very young bride. Within a few years, her husband started drinking and became physically abusive toward her. The more he drank, the more abusive he became. Eventually, she divorced him as she feared for her safety and that of her young daughter Daniela. She eventually settled in a village in Njeru and here she married her second husband. Sadly, her second husband ran off, leaving her with two additional daughters. Alice soon found herself alone again, and now with three young girls to support and look after. Alice tried for many years to support her young family by digging, fetching water, and washing clothes for people in the community. Alice is an exceptionally hard-working woman and though life has been difficult, she has never given up and has continued to do the best she can do for her young family.

    In 2022, Alice was accepted into PFP’s community outreach program and has been given the opportunity to grow her own business of selling charcoal. Her goal is to continue to grow this business and to also start her own restaurant business. PFP has enrolled each of her 3 children into its PFP Juniors program and they are all now able to attend school regularly, while Alice focuses on growing her business.