Nagawa Jackie


    Jackie’s Story

    Jackie was abandoned by both of her parents as a toddler. Her father and mother divorced and due to poverty, the father left town, looking for an income. Jackie’s mother eventually left as well, and dropped Jackie off with her grandmother, never to resurface again. 

    Jackie stayed with her grandmother for one year, but the grandmother was unable to provide for Jackie. In 2012, the grandmother left Jackie to live with her brother. Jackie’s brother is a gambler and does not have a job to earn an income, so was also unable to provide for Jackie. Prior to joining the PFP family, Jackie frequently went without food or other necessities and had not been able to attend school. There is a high rate of alcohol and drug abuse in the village that Jackie had lived and is known as a high risk area for young girls. Her family requested for the PFP Foundation to rescue Jackie and give her a chance at a brighter future.

    In 2015, Jackie was enrolled with the PFP Foundation and is now happy, healthy and safe. She is known for her big smiles, gentle nature and loves studying. Jackie now attends a highly ranked private boarding school and is excelling in all of her classes. When not studying, she enjoys playing skipping ropes, running, and playing with her friends. 

    In 2018, Jackie’s father came forward, explaining that he has finally settled and is now working. He and his new wife now welcome Jackie to their home on holidays so she can get to know her culture and spend time with her siblings. PFP continues to support Jackie with education and medical related expenses, but during school holidays she lives at home with her father and her stepmother, who love her very much. The PFP social worker makes weekly home visits to ensure her safety and well being. Jackie enjoys spending time with her family and is grateful for all of the love that surrounds her.

    Date of Birth: June 12, 2006

    Place of birth: Kampala, Uganda


    What do you want to be when you grow up? I want to become a bank manager

    Why? I like the way they put on their uniforms and I want to keep people’s money safe

    What is your favorite color? Yellow

    What is your favorite food? Pizza

    What is your favorite school subject? Social Studies

    What are your hobbies? Skipping ropes and running