Nakisige Priscilla Mufumba


    Priscilla Nakisige

    Date of Birth: October 4, 2002

    Priscilla is a happy, loving, caring individual who chooses to smile, even when life is difficult.  She is the second daughter of the late Doctor Mufumba (our friend and former PFP Health Director) and she remembers him fondly. “I remember him as a happy, loving, caring, merciful and prayerful man. He always wanted to see everyone happy at any cost. He used to provide for us and we never lacked anything at home or school. He would always advise us to be kind and make a lot of friends because sometimes friends are better than relatives. He was the best dad I have ever seen. Rest in peace Daddy. I love you so much”.

    Priscilla loves math, chemistry, biology, physics and english. Someday she would like to become either a surgeon or an accountant.

    Through the AHU scholarship program, Priscilla will receive the educational support she needs to finish school and to reach all of her dreams. We know she will make Dr Mufumba (and all of us) proud.