Namakula Fatuma


    Fatuma’s Story

    Fatuma’s father died when she was a very young girl so she has no recollection of him at all. Unfortunately Fatuma’s mother was not able to obtain employment and she had to re-marry. Without an income, she was entirely dependent on this man for her own survival and unfortunately, he denied Fatuma and refused to allow the mother to help her at all. So, even though it pained her, she left Fatuma with their great grandmother. This kind woman had taken in not only Fatuma, but another of her great grand children, named Shatra as well. 

    Fatuma’s great grandmother did her best to look after Fatuma (and Fatuma’s cousin Shatra), but at her advanced age she was not able to work and was not able to afford school fees or other basic necessities for the girls. Before joining the PFP family, Fatuma and her cousin Shatra worked together to fetch water for people in the neighborhood to earn money for food. In 2015, the great grandmother pleaded with PFP to accept the girls into the program, as she said it hurt her so much to see them working in the community to earn a living at such a young age. She was worried for their future and feared they would become young mothers themselves if they were not able to attend school.

    Fatuma now attends a highly ranked private boarding school and has big dreams to become a doctor in the future. She loves jumping rope, playing with friends and cooking. During school holidays, she spends time with her beloved grandmother in the village. Her mom has since left her second husband and runs a small business selling fruits and vegetables. Mom visits Fatuma often and at times, Fatuma spends time at her mothers place as well.   Fatuma enjoys spending time with her family and is grateful for all of the love that surrounds her.


    Date of Birth: December 26, 2006

    Place of birth: Iduddi, Uganda


    What do you want to be when you grow up? I want to become a doctor

    Why? I want to save people’s lives

    What is your favorite color? Pink

    What is your favorite food? Rice and chicken

    What are your hobbies? Playing netball, swimming, playing sports and singing

    What is your favorite school subject: Science