Tracy’s Story

    Tracy’s father passed away in 2014, which left Tracy, her two sisters and their mother alone with no support. Since the death of their father, life was difficult for the family and often they would find themselves homeless, wandering the streets looking for work, food and a place to sleep. Tracy and her mother volunteered at a local church cleaning the grounds in exchange for food. Unfortunately, this work was not consistent and the family often went without food and other basics for days on end. Out of desperation, their mother turned to prostitution to try and provide for her children. Unfortunately, she contracted HIV and has been sick with the disease since 2015. She continued to earn money the only way she knew how-by selling her body for money to willing men. The prostitution happened in the same one room home that the three small girls lived, which put their lives and well being at great risk. The girls have not had regular access to food, clean water or medical care and their mother is living on borrowed time. She pleaded with The Peace for Paul Foundation to rescue Tracy and her sisters so they would have a chance at a better life. In 2017 Tracy, Patience and Promise were welcomed into the PFP family and they can now look toward their future with hope. PFP will work to ensure they maintain a safe and healthy relationship with their mother as well. However in order to continue to support Tracy we need to find her a sponsor.

    Date of Birth: February 28, 2008

    Place of Birth: Mbiko, Uganda


    What do you want to be when you grow up? I want to become a flight attendant

    Why? So that I can learn about other countries and serve people on their way. I also like their outfits

    What is your favorite color? Pink

    What is your favorite food? Matooke and meat

    What is your favorite thing to do? Dancing, swimming and playing netball

    What is your favorite school subject? Social studies