Namukose Robin


    Robin’s Story

    Robin’s father passed away when she was very young, shortly after her sister Priscilla was born. Her mother struggled to provide for Robin and after a few years, she found another man to take her in. Unfortunately this man refused to allow Robin’s mother to bring Robin and Priscilla with her and so she left her daughters with her own grandmother (Robin’s great grandmother). Robin’s mother has not made contact in many years and so Robin has lost hope of ever going back to be with her. When The Peace for Paul Foundation found her, Robin was living with her great grandmother and a large number of her cousins, all abandoned by the great grandmothers children or grandchildren. The great grandmother had tried to provide for them all, but due to her advanced age was not able to work. The family often went without food and none of the children attended school. Her grandmothers greatest fear was that when she died, Robin may be forced to the streets or may become a young mother herself due to desperation.

    Robin’s great grandmother pleaded with The Peace for Paul Foundation to rescue the girls so they may have a chance at a better life. In 2017, both Robin and Nantale were welcomed into the PFP family and they can now look toward their future with hope. Robin now attends a highly ranked private boarding school and has big dreams to become a pilot someday. During school holidays, she returns to her grandmothers home to spend time with her family there. The PFP social worker makes home visits to follow up to ensure Robin’s safety and well being.  She enjoys spending time with her family and is grateful for all of the love that surrounds her.

    Date of Birth: September 20, 2005

    Place of birth: Bugerere, Uganda


    What do you want to be when you grow up? I want to become a pilot

    Why? I would like to make enough money to support my grandmother who has always been there for me. 

    What is your favorite color? Red

    What is your favorite food? Chips and chicken

    What is your favorite thing to do? Dancing and playing netball

    What is your favorite school subject? Math