Namutebi Mary Terresa



    Mary’s Story

    Mary loves smiling, cuddling with her mom and playing with dolls. She is a sweet little girl who is very well loved by all of the aunties, staff and children in the Peace for Paul family.

    Mary’s mother Flavia was raped by her stepfather at the age of 14 and abused by her mother then chased away from home. Flavia (Mary’s mother) knew she would love her little girl and so despite all odds, survived living on the streets, reported the rape (despite threats against her own life and that of her siblings and unborn baby) and made her way to The Peace for Paul Foundation when Mary was only a week old. Since her birth, Mary has been loved by her mother Flavia and by the many staff and children at PFP. Her mother stayed home to breastfeed her for a year, but at age 16, Flavia was encouraged to go back to school so she could graduate and one day support both herself and Mary. Mary is at home with the PFP “aunties” while her mom is at school, and soon enough Mary herself will be enrolled in nursery school. We are so excited to see what the future will hold for both Mary and her very strong mother, Flavia.


    Date of Birth: February 23, 2021

    Place of Birth: Mpigi, Uganda

    Favorite Games: Playing with dolls

    Favorite Color: Pink

    What is your favorite food? Milk, porridge, posho, beans and rice