Nerima Christine


    Christine’s Story

    Christine was born to a woman with severe mental delays after she had been raped by an unknown assailant. While the story of her being conceived is a heartbreaking one, Christine’s mother loves her very much and does her best to look after her child. She is unable to care for her on her own, but Christine’s grandmother has stepped in to help offer some support so the mother-daughter pair can remain together.
    Unfortunately, the family lives in deep poverty and is not able to afford the most basic necessities. When PFP stepped in to help, Christine was sick with pneumonia, anemia, skin and breast infections and severe malnourishment.With the financial help from PFP and through the loving support of her mother and grandmother, Christine has been able to make a full recovery and is now getting the nourishment that her body needs. As her mother is not able to care for her effectively, we have hired a live-in nanny to provide support so the family may stay together. As Christine grows, we will continue to keep a watchful eye and will provide financial support so she may attend school as well.


    Date of Birth: September 10, 2020

    Place of Birth: Budondo Village, Uganda

    What is your favorite subject in school? I haven’t started school yet

    What do you want to be when you grow up? Mom wants me to become a midwife

    What is your favorite color? Anything bright!

    What is your favorite food? Milk

    What are your hobbies? Playing with mommy