Onyang Lillian


    Lillian’s Story

    Lillian is the youngest of three children and an orphan. Her mother was poisoned when she was a baby, and her father died from alcohol poisoning a few years later. Lillian does not clearly remember either parent. After the death of her father, she lived with her grandmother and three cousins who had no parents either. Lillian worked collecting water and firewood from the village and selling it to earn money. She would also dig in other people’s gardens for money.

    She attended school when there was not household work or childcare demanded of her. Eventually the work became too much and she had to drop out of school.

    In 2013, Lillian joined the PFP family, and attended one of the best primary boarding schools in Uganda. After Primary 7, she opted to branch to trade school and is now enrolled in a program for hair and beauty. She hopes to manage her own salon once her education is finished. During school holidays, PFP gives Lillian the opportunity to return to Moroto to spend time with family there and to learn and be a part of her culture. She is excited for what her future holds and looks forward to helping raise her family out of the poverty they live in. 

    Date of Birth: August 28, 2003

    Place of birth: Moroto, Uganda


    What do you want to be when you grow up? I want to become a hair dresser

    Why? I love decorating

    What is your favorite color? Red

    What is your favorite food? Chicken and chips

    What are your hobbies? Playing netball

    What is your favorite subject in school? Math