Shatra’s Story

    Shatra’s father died of AIDS just after she was born. After his death, her mother married another man who refused to help Mutesi and threatened to leave her mother if she tried to help or even visit her daughter. So, just like she did with Fatuma (Shatra’s half-sister), their mother left Shartrawith their great grandmother at one year old and has not seen her since.

    Shatra’s great grandmother has done her best, but has not been able to afford school fees or other basic necessities for her and her sister. As she is getting older and has no income, the grandmother is no longer able to contribute to Shatra’s well being at all; so Shatra helps her sister Fatuma to fetch water for people in the neighborhood to earn money for food. The great grandmother has pleaded with PFP to accept Shatra and Fatuma into the program, as she said it hurts her so much to see the girls working in the community to earn a living at such a young age. She was worried about the girls’ futures if they do not receive any help, as it will just continue to get harder.

    Thanks to Shatra’s sponsor, she will now have a chance at a very bright future and will live in a safe and loving environment. Peace for Paul will also ensure the two girls maintain a relationship with their great grandmother. Shatra is playful, strong willed, and keeps her PFP sisters entertained and laughing.

    Date of Birth: July 9, 2012

    Place of birth: Iganga, Uganda


    What do you want to be when you grow up? I want to become a teacher

    Why? So I can teach children

    What is your favorite color? White

    What is your favorite food? Rice and chicken

    What is your favorite thing to do? Playing football

    What is your favorite subject in school? Religious education