Sseguya Charles

    Life was difficult for Charles since his father passed away when he was 6 years old. His mother had no formal education, no career and was unable to provide for her family. To make matters worse, she fell ill and sent Charlie to live with his grandmother and aunt. Unfortunately he was mistreated there and so ran to the streets where he lived with a team of other boys for a year. Street life was not easy and finding food was always a struggle. Many street children turned to drugs in order to get through the day or to be able to sleep at night. Charlie remembered admiring the children who walked by wearing school uniforms and he always kept it in mind that he would return to the world of education one day. Through his own hard work and through the dedication of his mother, helping whenever she could, he was able to finish Senior 6. Sadly, there was no hope for continuing on to further his education in University. Sseguya always remained hopeful however and he kept his sights set ahead. He is a very talented dancer and he joined a dance group called Street Dance Force. Through this artistic outlet (poetic dance) he helps to raise awareness of the lives and struggles of street children in the Jinja community. In his spare time, he volunteers his time providing dance lessons and mentorship to at risk youth in the community.

    Through the AHU scholarship program, Sseguya will become the first person in his entire family to pursue a higher education. He is currently pursuing a degree in Photography, Videography, 3D Animation and Motion Graphics. His dream is to become a digital technician and a great visual artist.Β He hopes to raise himself up out of the poverty he was born into and has a strong desire to give back to the community and to see others succeed as well. We believe that with a little hand up, there is no limit to what Sseguya may accomplish!