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January 2017

Love Home is Ours!

This month, we have finally closed on the purchase of our third children’s home! Thanks to last years auction, and one very generous donation from the Snyder Family Fund, we have acquired “Love Home”, and will be able to rescue up to 30 additional children! Thank you to everyone who played a part in making this happen!


December 2016 Social Mission Delegation

In December, a group of six outstanding individuals, led by Executive Director, Heidi Kaltur traveled to Uganda to volunteer their time and to make a direct impact in the lives of the PFP children and the surrounding communities. Everyone took part in the delegation projects and some even created projects of their own!


Gift Delivery

The December delegation delivered 20 (yes 20!) large 50 lb duffel bags full of gifts from sponsors, books, clothing, musical instruments and medical supplies. Christmas came to Uganda this year, courtesy of these amazing people and all of our amazing donors!


Medical Care

While in Uganda, delegates Cody and Allison went to visit one of our PFP Junior children, Badiru. They discovered that his mother and his brother both suffered from an “unknown illness” which caused them to collapse at random times and to lose consciousness. Because of this, Badiru’s mother had been unable to work and provide for her family. Cody and Allison took her and her son to see Dr. Mufumba and they were both diagnosed with epilepsy. Thanks to Cody and Allison’s ongoing sponsorship, they will now receive treatment and Badiru’s mother may eventually be able to return to work and provide for her family.


A New Roof for Amina

Delegate Kasey visited her PFP Junior child, Meddy and learned he lived in a small hut without a functional roof. She took it upon herself to get the house roofed and even enlisted the help of eight of the eldest PFP boys to help. They took pride in helping their neighbors and at the end of the day we had one very happy family.


Hospital Handout

Just a few days into their arrival, the Social Mission Delegation had a chance to visit a local medical center and pass out much needed supplies to the pregnant women and new mothers in the maternity ward. The delegation enlisted the help of 17 of the oldest PFP kids. These children continue to amaze in their generosity and joy in giving back. What a beautiful thing!


Mosquito Nets for Community Members

The PFP social mission group visited the homes of 50 of the most needy neighbors in our community.  The delegates and two groups of PFP’s eldest children hand delivered each net to the people who needed them most. What a joy to see our children, who once came from lives even more desperate than these, giving back to their community.


PFP Children’s Family Day and Christmas Meal Gift

Family Day was held at Hope Home on December 23rd. Many of the children’s relatives visited the homes and spent a wonderful day visiting their PFP child. Lunch was served, school reports were reviewed, and the PFP children presented their relatives with a Christmas package (including enough food and money for a great meal at home for each relative and their family), courtesy of the social mission group.


Gifts from Delegates

On their last day, Cody and Allison presented the PFP families with a gift of artwork. One for each home. Peace Home (for girls), Hope Home (for boys) and Love Home (for toddlers). We will hang them each with pride!


Cultural Day

Cultural Day at Hope Home was so much fun! Our children hosted a farewell party combined with “Cultural Day” for the December delegates. There was music, dancing, a cultural performance and demonstrations on various things that people from different regions in the country do. Next time, Cultural Day will be combined with Family Day so children’s relatives can add on to what the children are able to contribute.

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Sponsor Backpacks 2016

It was a very Merry Christmas for the PFP children in Uganda!! Thank you to all of the sponsors that took the time to put together a special package for your child. You should have seen the smiles on their faces!



Meet Sanyu

Sanyu is a very sweet, very cuddly little girl. She loves to be held and loved on. Her favorite person in the entire world is her big sister Sharifa. Where you find Sharifa, you’re also likely to find Sharifa. The two are the best of friends and everyone in the house knows that when something is wrong with Sanyu, they need to find Sharifa…. usually only she can make it better. Sanyu loves the color pink and she loves playing with dolls. To see her profile page, click here.


Sanyu’s Story

Before joining the PFP family, Sanyu was living with her mother, who is HIV positive and very ill. We do not know who Sanyu’s father is, and she has two elder sister.  The local chairperson (LC) of the village in which Sanyu lived reported that the mother did not have a job, but that she received money from men who “visit her”. Since Sanyu’s mother had not been able to find employment to care for her family she turned to selling her body for money and taught her eldest daughter, Birungi to do the same. The mother and three children all lived in a one room mud hut, and the community had been concerned for the well being of Sanyu and her sister Sharifa because of the men that visited the house, and because of the physical abuse she endured at the hands of her mother. The responsibility of caring for the children had fallen in the hands of Sanyu’s eldest sister since the mother was unable and often unwilling to do so herself. Since the family did not have enough money to meet even their most basic needs, the children had not been able to attend school for lack of school fees and they often went without food and other basic necessities. Since being rescued, Sanyu (as well as her sister Sharifa) is now happy and healthy in the Peace for Paul Family. Both Sanyu and Sharifa now have opportunities to study, access all needed medical care, eat well and get the love and care that they both deserve.

Family Sponsorship Opportunities

We are looking for general sponsors to help cover the extra costs associated with keeping this organization operating smoothly and the children happy and healthy. Essentially, as a general family sponsor, you are the sponsor of ALL of the children. We have opportunities for medical family sponsor, dental family sponsor as well as mental health family sponsor. A Family sponsor commitment can be – $25/$50/$100 per month.


Just click HERE to sign up to become a family sponsor!
Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this opportunity.

PFP Junior Sponsors Needed

There are now 22 children in the PFP Junior program happily attending school— many for the first time.

There are 8 children who are desperately looking for a sponsor so they can attend school too. Click on the names below to be taken to each child’s individual profile page on the PFP website.

For only $35 per month, you could sponsor a child through the PFP Junior Program and help a very deserving little person fulfill their dreams.



















Click HERE to sign up to sponsor a PFP Junior child or Contact us at if you have any questions regarding this opportunity.

What is the PFP Junior Program?

The PFP Junior Program allows us to help a larger number of needy Ugandan children obtain an education. The children who benefit from our PFP Junior Program live in our neighborhood and their parents or guardians are unable to afford the full amount of school fees, uniforms and school supplies. Because they have families to look after them, these children will not be living in our home. Rather, these children will live with their families and be sponsored through PFP for education healthcare costs only. This program is designed to be a helping hand to parents who can provide but need some support to contribute to their child’s education and future. The parents pay a small portion of school fees only to keep them involved and empowered to educate their children instead of depending solely on handouts. This program allows an education to be attainable for so many children and their families. In addition, we can help save for the much higher costs of Secondary School.


“All kids need is a little help, a little hope and someone who believes in them.”

Click HERE to sign up to sponsor a PFP Junior child or Contact us at if you have any questions regarding this opportunity.

PFP Annual Raffle

The 7th annual “Anywhere in the World Raffle” is in full swing. Tickets are being sold for $20 each with a chance to win 2 round trip airline ticket vouchers to anywhere in the world on any airline! Click HERE to reserve your tickets!


Raffle Sponsors

Five very generous businesses have signed up to sponsor this very important fundraiser. Click the logos below to be taken to each sponsors website.




Bulungi Beads

Coming soon! December delegate, Kasey Higbee will be launching an Etsy Shop, called Bulungi Beads! The shop will feature beautiful Ugandan jewelry, handmade by women working hard the slums of Masese and by the young women who reside in Peace for Paul’s Peace Home for girls in Uganda.

100% of the proceeds will be sent back to these women and children to help pay for food, clothing, school tuition and supplies. We thank you so much for your contribution to this cause. Will send an update once he shop is up and running!
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The Peace for Paul Shop

Check out the shop on our website. Choose from a selection of beautiful, handcrafted items and other gifts we have in our store. These great items were purchased directly from women’s ‘craft circles’ in order to assist them in supporting themselves and their families. The funds from your purchase will go where it makes the greatest impact.


Click HERE to visit the PFP shop.

New Members Needed

We are continually looking to expand our Peace for Paul team and need people with skills and time to share with this great cause!


Here is a short description of what a PFP Member is:

Peace for Paul is managed by its Board of Directors. There is also a Member pool, which is where people like you–who show an interest, can get their feet wet and see if becoming a Director is something you would like to pursue. We look for people who have a love for the PFP mission and its children and for people who have knowledge and skills to offer which would help PFP grow. As a member, you are invited to (though not required to) attend our monthly Director meetings (via Skype). You are asked to help with our two annual fundraisers (by selling tickets for the raffle, or helping to collect items for the auction). You are also offered the chance to join our various committees if you have an interest in any of them and have a skill that could contribute to its growth. Our current committees are: Sustainability, Education, Social Mission and Fundraising. It is also ideal, if as a member, you take on a specific project. The idea being that you really can dig in and get involved. You could come up with your own project–something you think PFP could benefit from. We would leave that with you!

Please contact us at: if you would like to join our team!



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