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July 2015- Visitation Day, New Children, Family Sponsorships, Backpacks.

Visitation Day
The caretakers visited the big boys!! The caretakers visit the children every two weeks just to check in on them, but the “official” Visitation Day is a very special day as they bring a large meal for everyone to share and they stay longer to spend lots of time together as a family.

The boys are very happy and healthy at Mwiri!! One of our students, Tikol, is number one out of his entire class of 94 students!!

Welcome our NEW Operations Manager
We welcomed a new operations manager to the team!…Tom is doing quite well and fitting in with everyone at the house.


Volunteer Quarters…
Hope Home’s volunteer quarters has received a little make-over!! Any interested volunteers are always welcome to contact Brandi for more information on visiting the children and staying in our homes in Uganda.

Hope Home Renovations
Progress on the renovations at Home Hope is moving along well. We anticipate completion by the end of the month before the children return…we trust they will be very surprised!! We’ll have photo’s to share next month as the progress reaches completion.

Two NEW Children!!

Two new children, Kiiza and Ketra have joined our program. The children were living in a dirty and dangerous situation with no reliable food, security or chance at an education. Since they are so young, and both of our homes are full to capacity, they will be living with Dr. Mufumba in his home. They were picked up on June 29th and are so far doing quite well and happy in their new surroundings. When the team went to rescue them, Kiiza of 6 years, eagerly ran out of the village leading the team far ahead. As he was leaving, he told his neighbors excitedly, “I am going to school!”

Kiiza & Ketra’s Story:
Before joining the PFP family, Kiiza & Ketra lived with both their mother and father. Usually PFP makes every effort to keep children with living relatives, but this is a very special case. The entire family shared a one-room mud hut and any food they had was kept under the parent’s bed where it quickly went rancid. The children were made to sleep on the floor of this hut as the parents could not afford a mattress for them. There were 3 children in the home and all 3 of them were malnourished and depend on the community members for help with survival. Often times, they would go an entire day without any food at all. None of these children have ever gone to school because the parents cannot afford school fees. It was reported by the local chairperson (LC) of Lower Navaa, that their father is physically disabled (his hand has been cut off) and he has a mental disability, though it was not specified what type. The mother also has a mental disability and is very rarely at home to help care for the family. Her mental illness is very severe and she has not been able to give love or attention to any of her children. Neither parent is employed and the family had been living in absolute poverty. It is reported that the children would roam the village, begging for help from the neighbors, as neither parent was often there to help. The Local Chairperson further reports that when the parents were home, there was a lot of domestic violence, often involving the children. The local chairperson was worried for the safety of Kiiza & Ketra, due to the mental state of her parents. The LC had come to the children’s rescue many times when he heard the fighting begin. Further, he reports concern that if Kiiza & Ketra had remained with their parents, they would be exposed to sexual abuse as well as potential child sacrifice. Thanks to their sponsors, in June of 2015 Kiiza & Ketra were rescued from this situation and are now in a safe place which they get to call home.

PFP-Junior Program
We welcomed a NEW PFP-Junior Child – Tracey!! Tracey comes from a very large and poor family. None of her siblings attend or have ever attended school, so for her to be able to have access to education has made her the “happiest girl in all of Uganda” according to caretaker Olivia


We have also identified two additional children Mbabazi & Felix, desperately wanting an education but their poor situations do not allow for them to attain any schooling. With your sponsorship of $35 per month, you can help send these children to school!

PFP – J allows us to help a larger number of needy Ugandan children obtain an education. The children who benefit from our PFP Junior Program live in our neighborhood and are unable to afford school fees, uniform fees and school supplies. Because they have families to look after them, these children will not be living in our home. Rather, these children will live with their families and be sponsored through PFP for education costs only.

Check out the link below for all the information on our little PFP – J Kids!

Sponsorship is $35/month. Imagine the difference that will make! Please consider sponsoring. Contact us at if you have any questions regarding this opportunity.
Family Sponsorships

We are still in need of family dental/mental health/medical sponsors!! The sponsorship is either in the amount of $25/$50 or $100/ month.

Backpacks For Our BOYS!!
This year, the boys will be receiving their backpacks…2014 was the girls year for the packages! Heidi & Tomasz and family will hand deliver them in December. The backpacks will include: 2 shirts, 1 pair of athletic shorts, underwear, 1-2 small books, a toy/trinket, a letter and photos from their sponsor. This is the sponsors chance to get personal with their kids!!! Please also let us know if you would like to volunteer to put together a backpack for kids whose sponsors cannot do it this year.

Contact us at if you have any questions regarding this opportunity.

Annual PFP Board Meeting!!

This year the annual board meetings were held in Salt Lake City, Utah. Board members always look forward to the annual meetings, sit face-to-face and make some great decisions and create amazing initiatives for the Foundation.

Social Media
We are currently redesigning our website! It should be up and running within the next few months!…stay tuned!

Peace for Paul is on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook! Thanks for following us! And if you aren’t following us, you should. 😉



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