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June 2023

Pursuing Dreams: PFP Students Embrace Trade Schools

We believe in providing our students with the tools and opportunities they need to pursue their dreams. As our students progress from senior levels, we are thrilled to witness them branching out into trade schools and obtaining functional certificates that will set them on a path towards a fulfilling career.

We understand that traditional academic paths may not be the right fit for every student. That’s why we encourage our students to explore various vocational options and embrace trade schools if University study is not for them. These institutions offer specialized training in a wide range of fields, from carpentry and plumbing to culinary arts and fashion design.

By choosing trade schools, our students gain practical skills that are in high demand in the job market. These skills enable them to secure employment, start their own businesses, and contribute to the economic growth of their communities. Trade schools provide them with hands-on experience, fostering their creativity, problem-solving abilities, and entrepreneurial spirit. Obtaining functional certificates not only equips our students with practical skills but also boosts their self-confidence and empowers them to pursue their passions. These certificates serve as a testament to their dedication, hard work, and commitment to personal growth.

We are incredibly proud of our students who have chosen to pursue trade schools and functional certificates. Their courage, determination, and willingness to explore alternative paths inspire us all. We are confident that their decision will lead to fulfilling careers and a lifetime of success. To our students, we say: embrace your dreams, pursue your passions, and never stop believing in your abilities. The skills you acquire and the certificates you earn will be the building blocks of a bright and prosperous future.

Angella- At Nile Vocational school, studying Electrical Installation

Gloria- At Uganda Hotel and Tourism Training Institute. Pursuing a certificate in Hotel Management

Chipa, pursuing a certificate in pharmacy at Royal School of Nursing and Midwifery

Embracing Love Laughter and Learning: Home for the holiday

An Article by PFP’s Administrator, Olivia Akutui

“Here on the ground in Uganda, things are running smoothly and everything is moving on well- thanks to the Directors, sponsors and the team in Uganda. The Ugandan school system has just completed a short holiday of three weeks and we kept our children busy with the following activities: We conducted a big birthday party celebration for those born in the month of March, April, May and June. Each child received a personal gift bought or picked by him or herself, they cut a cake, had a nice dinner together, listened to music and went swimming.  We also had a general medical checkup done for all the kids just to make sure they report to school sound and healthy. We did at-home monitoring for those who are resettled with their relatives to make sure they are progressing well. We did report inspection to follow-up and check in with kids’ performance. We did mental health group counseling. We supervised sponsor letter writing for all kids-where they write updates on how they are doing to their beloved sponsors. We went School shopping, carried out sports activities, skills training and so many more activities. Also, the big “A Hand Up” team helped at the PFP homes with skills training, home and community house hold duties and many other things.  Our holiday has just ended on the 28th of May, and we have been working hard to settle all students back in at their respective schools”.

Natulei, with the PFP counselor

Ayaki, assisting the little ones with writing sponsor letters

John Bosco, playing basketball at Hope Home

Sponsorships Needed

We are still searching for a sponsor match for seven children in our program. Please see below for the list of children in need of sponsorship. Seven is far too many for us to carry without having a sponsor in place. We would sure love to chat with anyone who might be interested and want more information. Always just a message away.

The cost of sponsorship varies depending on which part of the program your child is in and which school they are enrolled in. As they get older it depends on whether they are still in high school, trade school or university. Sometimes we will split the sponsorship in half, so that can also be an option for the higher ones that haven’t already been divided. Here is the list of the students needing a sponsor, which program they are in and how much the sponsorship is in U.S. dollars.

1. Lotukei – PFP A Hand Up Program – $100/month
2. Jonah – PFP Juniors Program – $140/month
3. Priscilla Mufumba – A Hand Up – $110/month
4. Lojore – A Hand Up – $75/month
5. Elvis – PFP Main Program – $90/month
6. Arthur – A Hand Up – $60/month
7. Yasin- Main Program- $65/month

If there is a student listed that you may be interested in helping with, we would love to hear from you.

Sponsorship covers:

  • Boarding school
  • Medical including mental health/dental
  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Housing during breaks/holidays
  • An amazing Ugandan support system (All PFP employees are Ugandan)

Sponsorship, along with our fundraisers, also contributes to:

  • Field trips
  • Cultural exposure
  • Sports/exercise programs
  • Skills training programs
  • Transportation
  • Social work services to support any available healthy family ties

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this opportunity:

Celebrating Our Incredible Team: Introducing the “Staff Spotlight” Series

We recognize the immense contributions of our dedicated staff members in Uganda. Without their unwavering commitment and hard work, we would not be able to fulfill our mission of providing care and support to the children under our care. We are truly grateful for their invaluable role in keeping our organization running smoothly.

To showcase the incredible individuals behind the scenes, we are excited to introduce the “Staff Spotlight” series on our blog. Each month, we will shine a well-deserved spotlight on one staff member, offering you a glimpse into their important work and the impact they make on a daily basis. From our social workers and caregivers to our administrative staff and nurse, every team member plays a vital role in shaping the lives of our children. They provide love, guidance, and support, nurturing the physical, emotional, and educational well-being of each child in our care.

To our amazing staff members, we extend our heartfelt appreciation for everything you do. Your hard work, compassion, and dedication make a significant difference in the lives of the children and families we serve. Thank you for being the driving force behind our organization’s success.

Waitalo Julius

Hope Home Security Guard

I am Waitalo Julius, and I am employed as a security guard at the Peace for Paul Foundation, specifically working at the boys’ wing. It brings me great pleasure to describe how I carry out my duties during my time at work. Having a job that enables me to earn a living is always interesting.

While on duty, my main responsibility is to ensure the safety of everyone residing in the facility by strictly adhering to the instructions provided by my managers. For instance, I am cautious not to open the gate carelessly, particularly when children return home from school. It is my duty to protect and safeguard them. Additionally, whenever visitors arrive at the project, I take it upon myself to register them, maintaining a record of their visit.

Over the years, I have taken immense pride in being associated with the Peace for Paul Foundation. This opportunity has provided me with valuable experiences, teaching me how to effectively work with children and leading a more socially engaged life. It has also helped me realize my potential in relation to this line of work.

I am delighted to share this information with you.

Investing in Education: PFP’s Staff Education Benefit Empowers Families

At The Peace for Paul Foundation (PFP), we believe in the transformative power of education. We not only strive to provide educational opportunities for the children in our care but also recognize the importance of supporting our dedicated staff members in their pursuit of educational goals. That’s why we are thrilled to announce the new staff education benefit program at PFP.

Under this program, each staff member now has the opportunity to choose a family member to benefit from school fee assistance. PFP will contribute up to 350,000 shillings per term towards the school fees of the chosen family member. This benefit extends beyond our staff members and directly impacts their loved ones, enabling them to access quality education and empowering their families.

Education is a powerful tool that opens doors to a brighter future. By extending this benefit to our staff members’ family members, we aim to create a ripple effect of educational empowerment within our community. We understand that the financial burden of school fees can sometimes hinder access to education, and we are committed to alleviating this burden for our staff members and their families. We believe that by investing in education, we are investing in the long-term growth and well-being of our community. By supporting our staff members and their families in their educational pursuits, we foster a culture of continuous learning, personal development, and upward mobility.

Through this program, we also reinforce the value we place on our staff members, recognizing their dedication, hard work, and contributions to the PFP family. We believe in creating a supportive and nurturing work environment where our staff members feel valued and empowered. Together, let us continue to invest in education, empower our staff members, and support their families in their pursuit of knowledge and opportunity.

PFP’s security guard, Henry with his sister Peace- whom he has chosen as the recipient of his benefit

Birthday Celebrations

Each month, we make sure every child in our main program gets a chance to feel special on their birthday.  Each birthday child receives a gift and has a small celebration during their birthday week followed by a BIG birthday celebration all together at the swimming pool during school holidays. Many sponsors get involved by sending gifts to their child as well. All children deserve to feel special on their day and we always do our best to make it so! Happy, happy birthday to our February birthday children! Thanks so much to all of the sponsors for stepping up to be sure that everyone could really enjoy their day! We especially love when sponsors take the time to write a birthday message to send along to their children. It makes the day even more special. 

Happy Birthday to Our June Birthday Girls and Boys- we wish you all the best as we celebrate  YOU this coming month!

If you are the sponsor of a birthday child this month, you are welcome to send us an email and we can work together to make their day even more special!

PFP Junior Birthday Celebrants

PFP Main Program Birthday Celebrants

Heartwarming Letters: Sponsors Bring Joy to The Peace for Paul Foundation Children

At The Peace for Paul Foundation (PFP), we believe in the power of connection and the profound impact it can have on a child’s life. That’s why we are overjoyed when our sponsors take the time to write heartfelt letters to the children they support. The happiness and excitement these letters bring to our children warm our hearts and remind us of the power of love and compassion.

When a child receives a letter from their sponsor, it’s not just a piece of paper with words. It’s a tangible symbol of care and support, a reminder that they are not alone on their journey. These letters hold the power to uplift spirits, inspire dreams, and strengthen the bond between sponsors and children. The impact of these letters goes far beyond the paper they are written on. They provide a sense of belonging and affirmation to our children, assuring them that they are cared for and valued. They motivate our children to work hard, dream big, and believe in themselves. These letters become treasured possessions, serving as constant reminders of the incredible bond they share with their sponsors.

As we witness the happiness these letters bring to our children, we are reminded of the immense impact each of us can have on the lives of others. Through simple acts of kindness, like writing a letter, we can sow seeds of love and hope that flourish and grow, nourishing the spirits of those in need. To all our sponsors, we thank you for your incredible generosity, your unwavering support, and the love you share with our children through your heartfelt letters. Together, we are creating a community where every child feels seen, heard, and loved.

Empowering PFP’s Older Students: The AHU Program Nurturing Skills and Giving Back

As the Peace for Paul Foundation (PFP) paves the path towards a brighter future, it goes beyond academic support for its older students. PFP recognizes the importance of preparing these young individuals for the challenges they may face in the “real world” beyond the foundation’s care. This led to the establishment of the remarkable “A Hand Up” (AHU) program.

Upon entering Senior 5, typically around 18 years of age, PFP students transition into the AHU program. While they continue to enjoy the benefits bestowed upon all PFP children, they also undertake a significant responsibility—to give back to their PFP family and community.

Under the AHU program, each student commits to volunteering 20 hours per week during school holidays, utilizing their unique skill sets to uplift the lives of PFP children and vulnerable community members. The dedication displayed by the AHU students is commendable, as they consistently rise to the occasion, contributing in any way they can, wherever they can.

To facilitate this process, monthly meetings are held, led by Tikol, where AHU students brainstorm and present ideas on how they can best utilize their skills to make a meaningful impact. These students are essentially engaged in an internship-like experience, working closely with PFP. Their involvement ranges from supporting PFP initiatives to undertaking projects that benefit the community at large.

The AHU program embodies the spirit of empowerment, as students tap into their specific skill sets to create positive change within PFP and the community. From teaching and mentoring younger PFP children to engaging in community development activities, these students become catalysts for progress.

The AHU program stands as a testament to PFP’s commitment to holistic education and fostering a sense of responsibility among its students. By providing them with opportunities to give back and showcasing their abilities, PFP instills values of compassion, leadership, and active citizenship. Through the AHU program, PFP is shaping the future leaders who will carry the torch of positive change beyond their time at the foundation.

The unwavering dedication and impact made by the AHU students highlight the incredible work being done by PFP. As they prepare for the challenges that lie ahead, these young individuals embody the principles of service and empathy, becoming role models for their peers and community.

PFP’s AHU program goes beyond academic preparation, empowering older students to become agents of change. Through their voluntary contributions and utilization of their unique skills, they enrich the lives of PFP children and the wider community. With each passing month, the AHU members continue to inspire us, showcasing the transformative power of compassion and collective effort.

Celebrating Success: Friday, Our Proud Guild Speaker

We couldn’t be prouder to announce that Friday, one of the very first PFP students (he joined the PFP program with Paul in 2008), has been elected as the Guild Speaker for his school! We are thrilled to see Friday stepping into this important leadership role. As the Guild Speaker, Friday will serve as a vital link between the student body and the institute’s board meetings. He will have the opportunity to voice the challenges, concerns, and aspirations of his fellow students, ensuring that their voices are heard and considered in the decision-making processes.

We have every confidence that Friday is the perfect fit for this role. His integrity, compassion, and leadership skills make him a natural advocate for his fellow students. His commitment to excellence and his unwavering dedication to making a positive impact on his school community are truly inspiring. As The Peace for Paul Foundation, we believe in nurturing and empowering the potential of every child in our care. Friday’s election as Guild Speaker is a testament to the transformative power of education and the remarkable achievements our students can accomplish when given the opportunity to thrive.

Well done, Friday! Your success is a testament to your resilience, talent, and the unwavering support of our extended PFP family. We cannot wait to see the incredible contributions you will make as Guild Speaker, and we stand with you every step of the way.

Celebrating Unity in Diversity: Cultural Day at Love Home

In the spirit of embracing cultural diversity and fostering a sense of belonging, The Peace for Paul Foundation (PFP) recently celebrated an enchanting Cultural Day at their children’s home. This special occasion brought together children from diverse backgrounds, creating an atmosphere of joy, learning, and appreciation for each other’s heritage.

The day commenced with an air of excitement as the children eagerly showcased their traditional attire, vibrant colors adorning every corner. Each child took pride in representing their cultural roots, showcasing the rich tapestry of traditions within the PFP family.

Mungu, Julius and Adam on Love Home’s Cultural Day

A New Home, A New Family

When the road ahead seemed uncertain, Alyat and Apurio, two brave teenage sisters, found themselves at a crossroads. Having outgrown the children’s home they once called their haven (PFP’s Love Home), they faced the challenge of finding a safe place to call home during school holidays. With their own home in Karamoja deemed unsafe for resettlement, hope arrived in the form of Uncle Innocent, a compassionate employee of The Peace for Paul Foundation (PFP).

During school holidays, Alyat and Apurio will not be just guests but will be embraced as beloved family members. Their safety and well-being will be prioritized as Uncle Innocent will make sure they feel at ease, supported, and loved. The girls will be able to continue their education uninterrupted and will learn and grow, their dreams fueled by the security and stability provided by their new home.

As their journey unfolds, Alyat and Apurio’s story inspires us to create a world where no child is left without a safe place to call home. It reminds us that with open hearts and extended hands, we can make a difference in the lives of those who need it most. Together, we can build a future where every child finds love, protection, and the opportunity to flourish.

Alyat and Apurio at home with “Uncle Innocent” and his wife and daughter

The Controversial Ugandan Anti-Gay Act

The President of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni, has moved forward and signed into law one of the world’s toughest anti-LGBTQ laws.

US President Joe Biden quickly condemned the law as “a tragic violation of universal human rights” and is threatening to cut aid and investment to Uganda. The US government is also “considering” restricting visas for government officials. 

While same-sex relations were already illegal in Uganda, the new law imposes capital punishment for some behaviours including “aggravated homosexuality”, and 20 years in prison for “promoting” homosexuality. Aggravated homosexuality is defined as cases of same-sex relations involving people who are HIV positive as well as with minors and other categories of vulnerable people including the elderly.

Humanitarian groups are expecting a massive increase in arbitrary arrests, police abuse and extortion, loss of employment, evictions and homelessness if this law is allowed to stand. 

To read more, please click HERE

The Battle Against Malaria in Uganda

Uganda has one of the highest global burdens of malaria cases, with over 90% of the population at risk. Malaria remains Uganda’s leading cause of death, especially in children. The disease causes immense detrimental health effects and is responsible for 30 to 50% of outpatient visits and 15 to 20% of hospital admissions. The average economic loss in Uganda due to malaria annually is over $500 million. In 2021, WHO reported that there were an estimated 13 million malaria cases and over 19,600 estimated deaths in the country. (A toll that exceeds that of HIV/AIDS.)

What’s to be done? We take every precaution we can including making sure there is no stagnant water around our homes, limiting play outside at night (when the mosquitos are the worst) and ensuring each child has an insecticide treated bed net. When our children do get malaria, our staff nurse is quick to respond and treat it.

There are drugs which effectively deal with the symptoms of malaria, but drug resistance is becoming a problem. A vaccine to prevent malaria has been developed, but is in the infant stages of testing. At this point, as part of a pilot project, three African countries have approved using the vaccine for young children who are at the greatest risk. Should the vaccine prove to be effective and safe, it could have world changing potential.

Mosquito Nets within PFP

A mosquito net is a finely woven mesh that is treated and approved for its effectiveness. It is commonly hung over beds to protect people sleeping inside from mosquito bites, including those from infected mosquitoes that can transmit deadly diseases like malaria.

The Peace for Paul Foundation (PFP), a children’s organization with homes providing shelter to those in transitional care, is located in Uganda, an African country. Remarkably, PFP has not reported any child deaths resulting from malaria or other illnesses. This achievement can be attributed to their dedicated efforts in consistently supplying, educating, encouraging, and monitoring all the children to ensure they use treated mosquito nets. These nets are available within the institutional homes, the community, and all the schools the children attend.

The effective use of mosquito nets by PFP has saved the lives of many children and has garnered a commendable reputation for the organization. The Ministry of Gender, Labor, and Social Development, as per their inspectors’ reports, has recognized PFP’s outstanding record among other children’s homes.

In Uganda, where misconceptions about mosquito net usage persist, particularly in rural areas, such as discomfort due to heat or the belief in low mosquito density, some individuals even use them as curtains or to fence nursery beds in their gardens. However, the children under the care of PFP have steadfastly adhered to the correct knowledge and practices of mosquito net usage. They have also shared this knowledge with their family members during holidays. This success can be attributed to the well-trained staff and the worthwhile investment made by the Peace for Paul Foundation in mosquito nets and training programs.

Christine with her mosquito net

Breaking the Silence: Addressing Domestic Violence in Ugandan Culture

-An Article by PFP’s Administrator, Olivia Akutui

Domestic violence is a deeply entrenched issue in Ugandan society, fueled by cultural norms, practices, and values that perpetuate harmful gender dynamics. From a young age, girls are often subjected to counseling that predisposes them to future torment, while boys are taught to believe in their inherent superiority, regardless of age. These ingrained beliefs harden the hearts of males, discouraging them from expressing emotions and leading to a propensity for violence.

Cultural settings further exacerbate the problem by exaggerating the importance of men, granting them exclusive decision-making powers and reinforcing a sense of entitlement. Traditional circumcision rituals, for instance, perpetuate the idea that men should suppress their sadness or grief, further contributing to a culture of violence.

On the other hand, when a girl child is preparing for marriage, she is advised against considering divorce or returning home in case of separation. Any indication of conflict or disagreement is seen as bringing shame and disgrace to the family who received the dowry. Consequently, women bear the pain silently, sacrificing their well-being to maintain societal expectations. Married women are often encouraged to remain silent during arguments, perpetuating the cycle of abuse.

Children also suffer within this cultural context, as it is commonly asserted that adults can never offend them, while disregarding their emotional needs and experiences. This belief dismisses children’s thoughts and emotions, leaving them silently nursing deep emotional wounds. Furthermore, children are not given adequate time to grieve the loss of a loved one, as it is believed that they quickly recover from such experiences.

Addressing domestic violence requires a collective effort to challenge and transform cultural norms and practices. Education plays a crucial role in promoting gender equality, fostering empathy, and dismantling harmful stereotypes. By challenging gender roles and encouraging open conversations about emotions and mental health, we can create an environment where both men and women can express themselves freely and seek support when needed.

Communities must rally together to break the silence surrounding domestic violence. It is essential to provide safe spaces for survivors to speak out, seek counseling, and access other forms of support. By creating awareness, challenging harmful beliefs, and promoting respectful relationships, we can begin to dismantle the culture of violence that pervades our society.

Ultimately, change starts with individuals. It is our collective responsibility to question, unlearn, and challenge harmful cultural practices that perpetuate domestic violence. By fostering an inclusive and compassionate society, we can create a future where all individuals are treated with dignity, respect, and equality.

Together, let us break the silence, challenge cultural norms, and build a society where every person can live free from violence and oppression.

Facebook Birthday Fundraisers

To all the incredible souls who have selflessly used their birthdays as an opportunity to make a positive impact, we extend our heartfelt thanks. Your Facebook birthday fundraisers in support of The Peace for Paul Foundation (PFP) have touched our hearts and brought hope to countless lives.

As we move forward, we invite you to continue standing with us in our mission. Your continued support, whether through future fundraisers or by spreading the word about PFP, makes a significant difference in the lives of vulnerable children. Together, we can create a world where every child is cherished, nurtured, and given the chance to reach their full potential.

Once again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your incredible generosity and for choosing to celebrate your special day by making a lasting impact. You are a shining example of the profound difference that one person can make in the world.

This month, we would like to wish our long time supporters Laura and William– a Happy Birthday!!! Thank you for thinking of PFP!

Empowering Families Through the Juniors Program: Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

We believe that education is a powerful catalyst for change and we understand the challenges faced by families in our community who struggle to provide their children with consistent access to education due to poverty. That’s why we are proud to introduce the Juniors Program—a collaborative effort between parents and PFP—to support these families in sending their children to school.

The Juniors Program is designed to work hand-in-hand with families, empowering parents to take an active role in their children’s education. While the children live full-time with their families, financial constraints have hindered regular school attendance. We firmly believe in fostering a sense of pride and ownership within parents by supplementing their contributions to ensure their children can attend school through their own hard work and dedication.

Through this program, we aim to break the cycle of poverty by providing educational opportunities for children aged four to 18 years. Currently, we have 94 students who are benefiting from this transformative partnership between parents and PFP.

By partnering with families, we not only address the immediate financial barriers to education but also foster a sense of community and shared responsibility. We recognize that parents are the primary caregivers and educators in their children’s lives. Therefore, we work closely with them to develop sustainable solutions, ensuring that education becomes a shared goal and a source of pride for the entire family.

Through the Juniors Program, we provide financial assistance and support that supplements the contributions made by parents or guardians. This assistance enables the children to attend school regularly and receive a quality education, opening doors to brighter futures and opportunities for their personal and professional growth.

The Juniors Program is a testament to the collaborative spirit and unwavering commitment of our community. We are inspired by the resilience and determination of the families we work with, and we are honored to be part of their journey towards a better future. Together, we can make a difference. Through this partnership between parents and PFP, we are building a stronger, more educated community—one child at a time.

Family Sponsorship Opportunities

We are always looking for general sponsors to help our family thrive. As a general family sponsor, your support extends to every child under our care. Your commitment enables us to provide essential resources and opportunities that contribute to their holistic development. Through your generosity, you become a vital part of our extended family, empowering each child to reach their full potential.

We offer various sponsorship opportunities that cater to specific needs within our family. You can choose to be a Medical Family Sponsor, ensuring that our children receive the necessary medical care and support they require. Alternatively, you can become a Dental Family Sponsor, helping to promote their dental health and well-being. We also have the option of being a Mental Health Family Sponsor, prioritizing the emotional and mental well-being of our children.

Your sponsorship commitment can be tailored to fit your capacity, with options of $25, $50, or $100 per month. No matter the amount, your contribution makes a lasting impact on the lives of these deserving children, enabling them to thrive and break the cycle of poverty.

By becoming a sponsor, you join a community of compassionate individuals who share a common goal—to uplift and empower vulnerable children. 

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this opportunity:

Join Our Team: Seeking Directors to Make a Meaningful Impact

At The Peace for Paul Foundation (PFP), we are dedicated to continuous improvement and finding ways to enhance our impact. As such, we are seeking to add new Directors to our board, and we believe that our team of incredible supporters is the perfect place to find these exceptional individuals.

We value diverse perspectives and expertise, and we are particularly interested in individuals with backgrounds in Microfinance, child development, or child psychology. As a Director, you will play a crucial role in shaping the strategic direction of our organization, ensuring that our programs and initiatives align with our mission and create a positive and lasting impact on the lives of the children we serve.

If you have a passion for our cause and would like to support the work of PFP in a more meaningful way, we would love to chat with you. We believe that the best candidates are often those who already understand and embrace our mission and values, and who have a deep commitment to making a difference in the lives of vulnerable children.

To explore this opportunity further, please reach out to us via the email provided below. We can have an initial conversation to discuss your interests, skills, and how they align with our organization’s needs. Together, we can determine if this role might be a good fit for you and if it offers the opportunity to make a significant and meaningful contribution.

Even if the Director position may not be the right fit for you at this time, we still encourage you to connect with us. We value every interaction and see it as an opportunity to build connections, exchange ideas, and collaborate in our mission to create a brighter future for the children we serve.

We look forward to hearing from you and embarking on this journey together. Let’s make a positive and lasting impact on the lives of these remarkable children.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this opportunity:

GuideStar Platinum Level Participant

The Peace for Paul Foundation has earned the Platinum GuideStar Nonprofit Profile participation level (the highest possible)! This leading symbol of nonprofit transparency and accountability is presented by GuideStar, the world’s largest source of nonprofit information.In order to be awarded the Platinum Seal of Transparency, The Peace for Paul Foundation included contact information, financial information, our goals, strategies, capabilities, indicators, and progress, helping us more effectively share our story with the world.Check out our GuideStar Nonprofit Profile and tell us what you think:The Peace for Paul Foundation GuideStar Profile