Individual Child Sponsorship

Individual Child Sponsorship


  • $65/month (with 2 sponsors per child)
  • $125/month (with 1 sponsor per child)
  • $85/month (with 2 sponsors per child for a SENIOR level student)
  • $165/month (with 1 sponsor per child for a SENIOR level student)

The cost of sponsorship covers everything your child will need, including food, boarding school tuition, room and board, clothing, medical care, clean water, and all other necessities.

We want you to know your child and we want your child to know you. You can expect current photos and letters, handwritten by the child you sponsor, at least every four months. You will receive monthly updates about the organization and the children, including photos on our blog.

Just click the “DONATE NOW” button above or email us at if you would like to sign up