Mentor Experience

Mentor Experience for PFP Child and a Child Still Living on the Street

Cost: Donations are accepted at any amount

Over the past year, the Ugandan government has been closing children’s homes and focusing on resettlement with families instead. While this is a good idea in theory, unfortunately, it is resulting in a great increase in the number of children living and begging on the streets. Many of our children come from a similar past and, as such, are looking to give back to these children. A quote from our very own Paul (Peace for Paul’s namesake): “I can’t hold the pain thinking about the thousands of children who are going back to suffering. I saw too many children in the streets today and I felt like crying. It made me to remember my life in the street. I want to study so hard so I can do something for them”. We would like to give our children the opportunity to do something to help NOW, rather than wait until they graduate school.

By donating to this cause, you will enable us to pair a PFP elder child with a child on the streets. The PFP child will have the opportunity to walk with this child, talk with them, LISTEN to their stories and help them in the way that seems the most appropriate. In many cases, this may be as simple as a meal at a restaurant or a new pair of shoes or new clothes. While this won’t fix the situation for the child on the street, it will accomplish something major. It will show this child that there is HOPE, that they are worth more than the situation they find themselves in at the moment. It will help foster a sense of charity in the PFP children and the impact will grow over time as they learn to give back and how good that makes them feel.