Needs & Projects

We need your help!

There are always needs for the growing Peace for Paul family, and we could use your help to fulfill them. We always have new projects that will help us grow and continue to impact the lives of the children.

Your support is always greatly appreciated.

*Urgent Need*

Individual Child Sponsorship

Individual Child Sponsorship Cost: $65/month (with 2 sponsors per child) $125/month (with 1 sponsor per child) $85/month (with 2 sponsors per child for a SENIOR level student) $165/month (with 1 sponsor per child for a SENIOR level student) The cost...
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Immunizations Cost: $100 for a lifetime of immunizations for one child Peace for Paul works hard to ensure that all the children have the appropriate immunizations to...
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Sponsor a Smile

Sponsor a Smile Cost: $50 for one check-up and minor dental repair The children often come to us with poor dental hygiene and other tooth issues, mostly...
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