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November 2021

11th Annual Anywhere in the World Raffle

It’s that time of year again! Beginning in the end of November, PFP Directors and Members will be selling raffle tickets for $20 each with a chance to win two round trip tickets to ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, ON ANY AIRLINE. There are only 2,000 total tickets sold and tickets can be booked for up to TWO YEARS from date of drawing! The drawing will be held March 30th, 2022 via Live Facebook drawing (you do not need to be present to win). This is one of two major fundraisers that we rely on in order to keep our programs running smoothly. We hope you will take part!

Esau with raffle tickets

Christmas Packages

As usual, we are offering sponsors of the PFP children an opportunity to put together a care package for their child for Christmas! Each package will cost $75 and will include:

  • One set of Christmas clothes
  • One pair of shoes
  • A School Backpack
  • Knickers/underwear and socks
  • Special gift
By donating $75, the Christmas gift package can be purchased from within Uganda and will not only put a smile on your child’s face, but will help to support the local economy. We will be sending out personal emails to each sponsor in the coming weeks in preparation for this gift giving bonanza!

Julius, Eria, Nana and Hamza

Countrywide School Closures Continue

While Universities and trade schools have opened again, primary and secondary schools across Uganda remain closed. We are anticipating that most primary and secondary schools will reopen in January, and could not be more excited about it.  Most learning institutions are offering online learning opportunities to help bridge the gap as students await the reopening of schools. Sadly, many Ugandans do not have access to the electronic devices or enough money to pay for internet to make online learning a reality. It is estimated that less than 20% of students in Uganda have the necessary resources to access online learning. In an effort to bridge this gap, PFP has secured cameras for our desktop computers so the children may attend classes on Zoom. Students in University, trade level and the Senior level candidate class (S4) are being furnished with smartphones in order to attend zoom lessons and stay on track. When notes are available from the schools, we purchase those to utilize as well.  Sponsor dollars are being stretched to accommodate the skyrocketing cost of tutoring, zoom lessons, and electronic infrastructure needed for our students to effectively learn. Additionally, PFP is supplying food and medical care costs for our children, staff and families in the community. Together, we are making it work!

Study Time at Hope Home

Life at Home

We continue to do our best to keep spirits and hopes high within the homes. While the young children are not currently able to attend school in person, we try to make home a fun place to be. There are a variety of activities at home, from online lessons, to skills training, tutoring, yoga, riding bikes and more!. 

Kiiza, Morgan, Yasin, Ilukol and Luke, ready to play ball!

Priscilla, practicing her weaving skill

Advisory Committee

Many of the original PFP girls and boys are now PFP men and women. At over 20 years old, they are ready to begin to play a bigger part in the development and management of Peace for Paul. As schools continue to be closed and the elder students are home for the long haul, we have established an advisory committee. Each student within this team of elder students is assigned to a specific area (Jinja resettlement team, Love and Hope food menu team, school visitation day team, medical team, and etc). The students are responsible for adding an extra layer of verification and checks and balances on funds spent. They also meet with the younger students to assess how things are going and where adjustments might need to be made. They have been working hard and making a big difference in operations on the ground. We could not be more proud!

Allan, Michael and Bosco interviewing children who have been resettled in the community

Advisory committee members with members of our staff 

A Community Grant

“Ann’s Team” has made great progress this month. Three women in our community have been identified as the recipients of the community grant for this next year. Each woman has great potential to rise up out of the poverty she currently finds herself in and will be mentored over the next year by the PFP team assigned to her case. The women will each receive a grant to build and grow their own business, and will receive food, rent and medical support in the first few months while their business is launched. Each woman’s children have been enrolled in the PFP juniors program so they can focus on school and their mother can focus on her business and on helping her family to thrive. We are so excited to watch how this will unfold for everyone!

Alice, Claire and Lydia

Alice, Lydia and Claire with all (10) of their combined children

More info on “Ann’s Team”:

A very generous donor has come forward to provide an annual grant to help PFP make an even larger impact for our community members in need. Ann’s Team will work together to identify the people most in need within our community, those who just need a little hand up to get back on their feet. The Team will walk alongside the recipients of these community grants to mentor and follow their progress and help ensure success. Step one– the team has been formed and planning meetings have been scheduled! What an opportunity for the youth of PFP to start to get involved with building up their own community!

Welcome to the Family

In October, we welcomed two new children into the PFP Juniors program. Welcome to the family, Meera and Nagoya– and welcome to their new sponsors as well.  It takes a village, and we love ours!

Meera Tracy and Nagoya Joyce

New Sponsors

Four current children who were already enrolled in our program, but in need of sponsors found their match this month as well. Thank you so much to everyone who stepped up this month. Thanks to our team of supporters, every single child is once again fully covered!

Birthday Celebrations

Happy, happy birthday to October birthday celebrants! We always do our best to make sure every child in PFP gets a chance to feel special on their birthday.  Each child receives a gift and has a small celebration followed by a BIG birthday celebration all together at the swimming pool during school holidays. The group birthday celebration has been placed on hold due to COVID-19 restrictions, but we will always take the time to celebrate each person individually. Many sponsors get involved by sending gifts to their child as well. All children deserve to feel special on their day and we always do our best to make it so! 

In October, three sponsor families stepped up to provide an extra special birthday celebration for their children. We love seeing the love between the PFP children and their sponsors– from across the entire world!

Nuru celebrating her birthday with her besties

Claire, loaded up with birthday gifts!

Samuel Away with a letter from his sponsors!

Happy Birthday to Our November Birthday Girls and Boys- we wish you all THE BEST as we celebrate  YOU this month!

Birthday Fundraisers

Many of our supporters have “donated” their birthdays to PFP by hosting a birthday fundraiser through Facebook. It is so easy to do and Facebook fundraisers take ZERO administrative fees! We hope you will consider including PFP for your next birthday! 

In October, one of our very generous sponsors donated her birthday to PFP– She was able to raise $400 for PFP and we plan to put that money toward typhoid vaccinations for our children this month. Thank you so much Rachel!!!

Happy Birthday Rachel!

Annual Director Strategic Planning Session 

In October, the PFP Director team got together for two full days of strategic planning. Half of us were able to be in person together, while the other half joined via Zoom from all corners of the world!   We got a LOT done and are excited for the year ahead. Lots of continuing challenges with covid, but we will continue to do our best to look after the children entrusted to us and to make sure we spend every one of the dollars we get from our supporters wisely. Thanks you PFP family for your continued trust.

Next year, we are planning our meeting in Uganda so everyone can sit around the table together!


The PFP Junior Program

The Juniors Program works with families in our community so parents may be able to send their children to school. These children live full time with their families but for them, poverty has prevented the children from attending school regularly. This program is a partnership between parents and PFP to supplement on what they are able to contribute so parents may take pride in being able to send their children to school through their own hard work. The ages of children in this program range from four years to eighteen years of age and we currently have 89 students who are benefiting from this partnership. 

PFP Juniors Supplemental Programs

In an effort to address the needs of the whole child and his or her family, our PFP Juniors coordinator has ramped up the supplemental programs being offered. Each month, there is a regular schedule for career guidance, hygiene and sex education, skills lessons (knitting, painting, tailoring and dance lessons), mental health therapy, family planning and birth control for parents, community outreach programs (food distribution and family empowerment), fun day, and tutoring. The Juniors children are LOVING it and getting involved with more and more programs by the week!

Gloria, Claire, Samson and Mercy at Love Home

Sponsorship Opportunities (PFP Junior Program)

As we look forward to schools opening in January we are hoping to invite 10 more children into our Juniors program. If we can find sponsors in time, the children of Alice, Claire and Lydia (our community outreach grant recipients) would all be enrolled in top primary and secondary schools through the PFP Juniors program. The children would be able to focus on schooling while their mothers can focus on building up their businesses and getting themselves into a position where they can support their families.

Sponsorship for each child is $35/month and will cover all costs of tuition, supplies, tutoring and supplemental education. 

Nancha, Sumaya, Jesse, Isaac, Zephaniah, Bright, Jacob, Gift, Rihanna and Daniela

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this opportunity:

Family Sponsorship Opportunities

We are always looking for general sponsors to help our family thrive.  Essentially, as a general family sponsor, you are the sponsor of ALL of the children. We have opportunities for Medical Family Sponsor, Dental Family Sponsor as well as Mental Health Family Sponsor. A Family Sponsor commitment can be $25/$50/$100 per month.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this opportunity:

Director (on the Board) Needed

We are looking to add a new Director or two to our board and what better place to look than from within our team of awesome supporters. We are always looking for ways to improve and would love to find someone with a background in Microfinance, child development or child psychology. If you would like to support the work of PFP in a more meaningful way, we’d love to chat. Please reach out via the email below and we can go from there to determine if it might be a good fit. At the very least…. we’ll have a great conversation and a chance to connect.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this opportunity:

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In order to be awarded the Platinum Seal of Transparency, The Peace for Paul Foundation included contact information, financial information, our goals, strategies, capabilities, indicators, and progress, helping us more effectively share our story with the world.

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