Our Values

Our Values


PFP respects the feelings, wishes, rights, and traditions of all involved in our organization and the communities we work in. We strive to think critically about what is equitable and just for the people we serve.


PFP believes we must invest in the education of our children to break the cycle of poverty. Each child is treated as an individual with a unique history and relationship to trauma and academics. 


PFP works in partnership with those it serves. We believe in collaboration based on open dialogue, trust and respect.


PFP endeavors to include everyone regardless of gender, beliefs, ethnicity, age, etc.  We seek out our employees and stakeholders opinions in an effort to gain multiple perspectives allowing us to make informed decisions. 


PFP believes in responsible planning and management of funds entrusted to us and strives to get the greatest impact out of every dollar.


PFP works hard to plan and ensure the organization’s long-term viability. We strive to build positive donor relationships as well as explore and develop income generating opportunities in Uganda.


Ever member of PFP is expected to adhere to strong moral and ethical principles while interacting with our stakeholders and in our decision making.


PFP treats each person within our organization according to their specific needs and circumstances. We make every effort to promote social, socioeconomic, health, and opportunistic equity.


PFP works hard to understand and respect the feelings of our stakeholders. We strive to have a clear grasp on their needs and desires in order to serve them as best we can.

Global Citizenship

PFP is part of the world community which has concern and a share of responsibility for what is happening to the planet as a whole. PFP respects and values diversity and is careful not to put its needs and beliefs above others.