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Uganda Team

Akarut Olivia
Ugandan Administrative Manager

Olivia has held a lifelong passion for working with children and people in need. She attended the Uganda Christian University and graduated with a degree in Developmental Studies, prior to working with the Local Government Authority handling children’s rights cases and volunteering in community development. Her genuine adoration for working with the children and seeing them learn and grow has made her a perfect fit as the Administrative manager overseeing operations on the ground in Uganda. Olivia sits on the Board of Directors as the Ugandan staff representative as well.

Nshimyimana Moses
Farm Manager/PFP Junior Coordinator/Construction and Maintenance Manager

Moses is a graduate of Uganda Christian University where he obtained a degree in business administration in 2012. He also posses a certificate in computer applications from Makerere University. Previous work experience includes working for Mulago National Referral Hospital in the Accounting Department. Moses is a well-organized and highly motivated person who loves sharing his knowledge with others. He has a strong passion for helping children in need and is proud to be a part of The Peace for Paul Foundation.

Peter Emagu
Maintenance And Service Manager

Peter is our former security guard but we discovered he is very talented in home maintenance and can do almost anything. He now works for us full time on maintenance and building projects between both Peace and Hope Home. He always comes to work with a smile on his face and takes pride in completing every job very well, which is a trait we are lucky to have in the care for our children’s homes.

Emagu Richard
Assistant Maintenance Man

Richard is the son of our long-time maintenance man Peter. Just like his father, Richard is a humble, dedicated, accountable team player. Over the years, Richard has often helped Peter on PFP related tasks, never expecting to be paid–only helping because he loves the PFP mission and wanted to help his father. Richard is a mechanic, a driver and is skilled in all things maintenance. PFP is proud to finally welcome Richard as an official part of our team.

Okulo Bosco
Peace Home Office Security Guard

Bosco grew up in family where education was not a priority and he never went to school as a child. Bosco realized that he was not satisfied as a farmer, as it was his dream to provide security to the citizens of Uganda. He sought formal training as a government soldier and worked as a security guard in Jinja town. In time he would come to find the Peace For Paul Foundation and where he feels he is meant to be. He believes children deserve to be learning and living in a peaceful and safe environment; providing security to this group of young Ugandans brings him much satisfaction. His commitment to that end, his training and experience all uniquely qualify him to work as a nighttime security guard for the Peace For Paul Foundation.

Achiro Clare
Love Home Caretaker

Clare is a vital part of the PFP team, working as a caretaker at Peace Home. She never had the opportunity to attend school as a child herself, but she has always understood the importance of education. Clare is a widow who has raised four children on her own. Due to her positive attitude, hard work and perseverance she has succeeded to educate each one of them—no small feat with the high cost of education in Uganda. Clare has dedicated her life to making the lives of children better. Prior to joining the PFP team, Clare has had 13 years of experience working full time in a children’s home through another organization. Her many years of experience shine through in her interactions with the PFP children. We know we are lucky to have her as a part of the team.

Christine Aguti
Love/Hope Home Nurse

Christine comes to PFP with a very long history of nursing experience. She has worked with sick and malnourished children as well as adults and have seen many back to health. Christine strongly believes that a child with a healthy body and mind lives a happy life. She lives on site at Peace Home and provides tender care to the PFP children. They can easily approach her with health problems for immediate attention.

Afako Isaac
Love Home Activities Coordinator and caretaker

Isaac has come to us with many years experience providing security guard services for The Peace for Paul Foundation. He also holds a degree in Social work and in Computer studies. Due to his dedication, skill and passion, he has been promoted to Activities Coordinator/Caretaker at Love Home. He always spares time to play with the children and treats each one as if they were his own. We are grateful to have this skilled, compassionate and hard-working man as a part of our team!

Bukoko Stephen
Love Home Day Security Guard

Stephen is a special young man indeed. Due to troubles paying his tuition he had to stop his formal schooling during his senior four year. He has a burning desire is to complete his education and so he began searching for work in order to save money for his studies. He now works for PFP and keeps the children and workers safe by diligently guarding the gate and monitoring visitors to the offices. His ability to relate to the children and so intimately understand the Peace For Paul mission are part of why he is such a wonderful addition to the team!

Waitalo Julius
Love Home Night Security Guard

Waitalo finished Senior Level 4 and went on to train in security guarding. Before joining PFP, he worked as a security guard for 8 years. Waitalo is hard working and we are proud to have him as a member of the PFP team.

Basakulu Innocent
Hope Home Caretaker

Innocent is a graduate of the Lords Meade Vocational College and a caretaker at the PFP Hope Home. His professional background includes computer application training from the Uganda Military Engineering College, a USAID certificate in comprehensive clinical health, and history as a guidance counselor for his church. His excellent professionalism and skills with the children during his tenure with PFP make him an indispensable Assistant Warden. A tireless work ethic and nurturing influence on the children make us proud to have Innocent on board.

Emuron Denis
Hope Home Caretaker

A year of teaching Primary School, a Bachelors in Education from Makerere University, and an enthusiasm for seeing children learn and flourish makes Denis an excellent caretaker for the PFP Hope Home. Having been sponsored by a similar program growing up, Denis is able to relate to our kids in a uniquely personal way. It is his opinion that the best thing about working with children is the privilege of getting to partake in their growth into good people and active community members. At Peace for Paul, we know he is going to do just that.

Nabikolo Amina
Hope Home Nanny

Amina has been a nanny for Hope Home since 2014. She firmly believes every child should go out into the world fully-equipped with a wide range of life skills and in her time with us she has proven stellar at ensuring just that. Whether it is by cooking an excellent meal or working with the boys, Amina ceaselessly provides motherly love and the sense of family the children of PFP want and need.

Echuru Henry
Hope Home Day Security Guard

Henry completed his education up to Senior 6. He had aspired to attend University but the lack of finances would not allow it. He worked hard to put himself through a certificate training in counseling and believes in the power of mentorship. He loves to see other young people succeed and Henry does his best to guide everyone he meets. Henry has worked as a security guard with PFP since 2018 and has broadened his skills by attending a course in night guarding. His passion and love for children keep him strong and active in his field. We are proud to have Henry as a part of the PFP team.

Henry has worked as a security guard with PFP since 2018 and has broadened his skills by attending a course in night guarding. His passion and love for children keep him strong and active in his field. We are proud to have Henry as a part of the PFP team.

Apieun Lambert
Hope Home Night Security Guard

After Lambert completed his secondary school studies, he went straight to work as a security guard at a poultry farm. After some time, he went through a formal security guard training and went on to guard the Kodiak Hotel in Kampala as a security guard.

Lambert himself is a parent of 6 children, and says his dream has finally come true. He has always wanted to use his skills to work at a children’s organization in order to contribute to their safety and well being. He loves seeing children grow and become important people in the community. He says he is passionate about his job and loves his work. We are proud to have Lambert as an integral part of the PFP team!

Achii Emmanuel
Resettlement Liaison and Supervised Independent Living Manager

Achii Emma holds a bachelors degree in social work and social administration from Kampala University. He has experience working with Ohana Foundation and previously with the Peace for Paul Foundation in Uganda as a social worker. He has held a position with Born Again Youth Foundation and as a social worker in the Office of the Community Development Officer of the Jinja District Office. He is proficient in management, monitoring and evaluation. The most important strength is that Emma is from the Karamojong tribe and speaks the language fluently. Emma now works with PFP as the resettlement liaison for our Karamojong children in Moroto, northern Uganda. His task is to ensure the children’s safety and security. He stays in Moroto during their family visit and makes daily home visits to address any concerns or needs that may arise.

Nkotami Fred
NRF On Site Farm Manager

Fred has worked with PFP for 11 years in different capacities and has found his niche as our on-site farm manager at NRF. He works hard to ensure the overall success of the farm and he takes great pride in his work there. Fred holds a diploma in Business Studies from Makerere and understands the value of farming as a means to greater sustainability for PFP. We are proud to have him as a part of the NRF team.

Nakesa Sabina
Farm Attendant

Sabina is a hard working woman who has instilled a love for hard work, honesty and integrity in her own children. She has raised three of her own children and is now supporting her first grandchild. She has no formal education as she was made to marry early (at the age of 14) but that has never stopped her from learning everything she can. Sabina has helped NRF during planting season since 2018 and in 2020 was hired full time as the piggery assistant. We are proud to have Sabina as a part of the PFP team!

Emmanuel Mufumba
Health Director

Emmanuel is the director of Mufumba Medical Center, Co-Director of Jinja Regional Friendship Pharmacy, founder and executive director of Uganda Mental Health Fellowship and is the International Trainer of the Reason to Hope Family Training Program. He has trained in Uganda, Kenya, Egypt, and Italy. He treats all of our children and advises PFP on proper health practices and contributes greatly to special projects.

Banona Rachel
Mental Health Counselor

Rachel comes to us with years of experience as a mental health therapist with a focus on single mothers and children living in underprivileged communities. She is responsible for the social welfare of all students at St. Eliza Nursing School where she also serves as the Dean of Students.

Rachel has a passion for helping children to see their true potential and to work through issues from their past which may be holding them back. Her greatest wish is to empower the children in her charge so they may become the best version of themselves.

In Training

Ajuna Emmanuel
Resettlement Coordinator Assistant

Ajuna has been enrolled in the PFP Foundation since he was eight years old. He was originally rescued from the slums of Masese in 2009. In the ten years that have passed since joining our program he has been reunited with his family and is now attending pharmacology training at St. Elizabeth Nursing School. During school holidays he returns to Masese to stay with his parents and six siblings where he assists with running a small market.

As a Resettlement Coordinator Assistant he acts as the eyes and ears on the ground, making daily visits to the resettled PFP children who now spend holidays with their families. He reports directly to the Resettlement Coordinator and to the Executive Director of PFP. Ajuna’s primary goal is to ensure the safety and security of all resettled children in Masese while allowing them the freedom to build lasting relationships with their families.


Heidi Kaltur
Founder & Executive Director

Heidi graduated from Washington State University in 2005 with a Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Ecology. Upon graduation, she traveled the world for years but after spending four months in Uganda she switched tack, returning to the US with a vision for rescuing children of the Karamojong tribe. With the help of many, that dream has come true and the organization Peace for Paul continues to grow under Heidi’s guidance, perseverance, and trips back to assess the program and its smooth operations in Uganda.

Olivia Akutui
Ugandan Staff Representative/Director

Olivia has held a lifelong passion for working with children and people in need. She attended the Uganda Christian University and graduated with a degree in Developmental Studies, prior to working with the Local Government Authority handling children’s rights cases and volunteering in community development. Her genuine adoration for working with the children and seeing them learn and grow has made her a perfect fit as the Administrative manager overseeing operations on the ground in Uganda. Olivia sits on the Board of Directors as the Ugandan staff representative as well.

Elinor Coleman
Co-Founder & Director

As a co-founder of PFP, Ellie has been with the organization since the beginning. In addition to her work in Uganda, she has participated in humanitarian efforts in Ukraine, Mexico, Ghana, Thailand and stateside. Ellie graduated from Westminster College with a Bachelor of Science in Public Health. She currently teaches personal and family health as an Adjunct Professor at Snow College in Utah.

Lisa McIntosh
Director & Chairman of the Board

Lisa joined PFP shortly after it’s inception and is thrilled with how it has flourished. She enjoys regular trips to Uganda to visit the children and counts them among the greatest blessings in her life. Lisa considers her sponsored children Bosco, Gloria and Joseph to be members of her family and looks forward to her upcoming visit. She graduated from the University of Regina in Canada with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Communications.

Tomasz Kaltur
Treasurer & Director

Tomasz graduated from Washington State University in 2006 with a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management and a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management. He began volunteering his time with Peace for Paul in early 2009 and has played the lead role in managing the design and improvements of Hope and Peace Homes. He contributes greatly to the general operation of PFP, organizational structure and development. Tomasz is currently managing construction projects in Uganda and has previously held the position of Vice President.

Cody Nirschl

Cody graduated from NDSU in 2011 with a degree in University Studies. Cody and his wife Allison love to travel the world and have been supporting their PFP child, Samuel since 2012. IN 2016, they had the opportunity to meet him in person while on a Social Mission trip to Uganda. Cody loves how personal and close knit the Foundations Members, Directors and Uganda team are. Cody and Allison feel a deep and special connection with their “little” Samuel and are looking forward to get back to Uganda again.

Muyinda Nathan
Director of Education

Nathan is a Pharmacist by profession. He is the director of Victoria junior school, Namutumba and general manager of Ecopharm chain of pharmacies.

Nathan has worked as a part time lecturer for over 18 years and has written over 15 different text books in the line of medicine and career guidance. Nathan has mentored over 3,000 students in different tertiary institutions in Uganda and has a special interest in career guidance and preparing fresh graduates for the field of work. He is also passionate about the girl child education.

We are so proud to have Nathan as a part of our team!

PFP Members

Monica Thomas
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Brianna Bowman
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Allison Nirschl
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