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September 2015- Volunteers, PFP Ambassadors, Hope Home Renovation, Skills Development, Cultural Day.

6th Annual PFP Auction
It’s that time of year again!!…time for the annual online auction!
Thank you so much to everyone who has supported us in the past and we sure hope we can count on you again this year! If you haven’t donated to the auction in past years, we hope you will consider it this year. We take everything from gift cards, gift baskets, jewelry and artwork to vacation rentals and airplane tickets. Nothing is too big or too small!!

We really are in need of your generous donations as we have been blessed with an incredible $30,000 matching donation from the Snyder Family Foundation. Absolutely incredible, but now we must do our part in collecting the donations!

Between now and October 1st, we will be collecting items for the event. We will then get everything together in an online format and send it out for bidding on the 5th of October.

Below is a link to an information sheet that we would kindly ask you send back to us outlining the information about your donation, if you so choose to donate. We do not need the item in hand, just need to know what it is and a picture. Please send the information to any of the board members email (emails can be found directly on our website). Thank you!!



Our Volunteers in Uganda!!

This holiday, we were lucky enough to have multiple volunteers and visitors!!

Brad from Washington led the reading program and other supplemental education lessons for the kids.

Livia from Switzerland did art projects, taught Kiswahili, and participated in everything from cooking to sports.

Kristen from Colorado played volleyball with the girls.

The kids were so happy and grateful to have them join and add to their packed holiday. Thank you to our amazing volunteers!!

Our amazing volunteer Will

Our amazing volunteer Will

PFP Youth Ambassadors
The Board of Directors is happy to announce a new program called the Peace For Paul Youth Ambassadors.

Grace Bartosz, 11-year-old daughter of Director Lisa McIntosh, proposed the creation of the new program at our most recent annual board meeting.
The Ambassadors will promote awareness of PFP among their peers, assist in our fundraising efforts, email and write letters to the children in Uganda, advise and give suggestions to the board on matters and ideas that come to their attention and many more great things.

Grace (with some help from her Mom) intends to get the program up and running starting this month and is looking for new members. If you have a child between the ages of 8 and 18 who would be interested in the program we would love to hear from you. You can reach Lisa via email to start at Grace would love to hear from you!

Look for future articles by Grace and other members on the Ambassadors in upcoming blogs.

Sophie, Ava & Grace

Hope Home Renovation
Hope Home Backyard and Painting is complete!!

The backyard of Hope Home (the boy’s home) is done! Way more open with great accessibility to the cooking area… which is now covered. In addition the concrete pads where we will set up benches for eating during the day, lessons & projects.

Skills Development
This holiday, the kids took part in many different skills development courses.

During the breaks from school our children participate in varying life skills development programs. A few of the ones we offer include shoe repair, tailoring, bead/jewelry making and carpentry. These are practical skills in Uganda that can turn into viable businesses. Plus the children love doing it!!

Cultural Day!!
Every year, PFP hosts a “cultural day” at Hope Home. The idea is to remind the children of where they came from and to be proud of their history. The kids put on skits, sang songs, and dressed up in their best costumes. The child who won “best dressed” was Sabina. She came to the party dressed in her best local healer costume. She played the part in a skit and did a really great job!!

Birthday Party!
The kids had a great time celebrating birthdays for 20 of the children! The group all went to King Fisher Resort where they have a large pool area with three smaller connected pools. This allowed all of the kids, even the ones whose swimming skills are not excellent, to take part. They played for hours in the pool with beach balls and practicing their swimming skills.

After a long afternoon of swimming, the kids all gathered at one of the homes where we were able to announce all the children celebrating their birthdays. Then everyone received a soda, chapatti, local sweet cake and a treat bag full of candy and treats. In addition to the party, all of the kids who got to celebrate their birthdays also received a gift of brand new clothes and shoes. The children always love receiving clothing (and really need it!) so this brought a lot of cheers and applause from the kids who got to open gifts.

After the party, there was an announcement that the gifts and party were sponsored by a very generous woman named Karen who will also sponsor gifts and parties for the next year. It was met with big applause and cheers!! THANK YOU KAREN!!

Staff Team Building Outing
Our Ugandan staff and visiting volunteers spent the day at Bujigali Lake for a team building outing. A great time was had by all!!

Social Media
We are currently redesigning our website! It should be up and running within the next few months!…stay tuned!

Peace for Paul is on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook! Thanks for following us! And if you aren’t following us, you should. 😉



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