Supervised Independent Living


Unlike many children’s homes, the PFP children do not “age out” once they turn 18. Each person enrolled in our program will be seen all the way through University, trade school or employment. We work with each one to provide the greatest chance at success. 

As a part of the Supervised Independent Living group, all children age 16 and above get to take part in our work training program, and in a curriculum during holidays. They learn budgeting and money management, safety and security, career guidance, communication, etc.  When they reach an appropriate age, each child in the PFP program will have the opportunity to graduate to step 2 of the Supervised Independent Living program. They will go from living at the children homes to living on their own and putting what they have learned into practice.  These “independent children” move into their own Ugandan style homes and learn to be functional adults in their own community with the supervision of one community elder. They are still supported by PFP for all basic necessities and school related costs-through trade school or University. They have the opportunity to take part in the work training program during school holidays and earn their own money which they are responsible for budgeting. Over time, the support provided by PFP will slowly be decreased until these young men and women are sustainable adults who know how to succeed on their own.