Visiting Uganda

Visiting Uganda


PFP strives to impact the people and communities we serve in a positive and thoughtful way. Visitor experiences are aimed at cultural exchange and a means to generate knowledge and respect about other ways of life; not as a trip to “help the poor”. Our goal is to work toward long term partnership, justice and structural change and not as a superficial engagement for volunteers.

To meet our goal, we strive to:

  • Build long-term relationships with our Ugandan PFP family.
  • Invest in the PFP community, including those who live and work around us.
  • Build an ethical, sustainable and effective visitor program that does no harm, but improves both the lives of the visitors as well as the lives of our PFP family members.

Here are a few ways PFP is different from the traditional charity model:

  • We are not supporting voluntourism nor social missions that provide only temporary assistance to Ugandans.  This perpetuates the cycle of dependency and poverty.
  • Our Ugandan staff are highly committed people who have taken the lead and are empowered to fully run the organization.
  • We understand that family is best and are resettling children in our programs, whenever possible, so they may grow where they should – with family.  The homes will remain in use for those who do not have a safe place to live.
  • PFP is working towards sustainability, with an end goal of being financially self-sufficient from within Uganda. We aim to reduce the reliance on foreign aid and show the people assisted by PFP that by working hard, they can pull themselves out of the poverty. No hand out needed, just a little hand up.

How to Apply

Step 1: Email Us

If you are interested in visiting the PFP family or community in Uganda, please send us an email at:

Step 2: Apply

Submit an application form.  Plan to submit at least one month prior to purchasing plane tickets. The application is to include the names and ages of visitor(s), dates and purpose of the visit as well as any other relevant information.  Additionally, you will be asked to list the experience and skills of the visitor(s) that apply to the activities proposed.

Step 3: Review

The Ugandan PFP team will review the application and, if approved, will forward the request to the probation officer who will have final approval. PFP will notify you once a final decision is rendered.

Step 4: Begin Planning Your Trip

Read through the information packet. You will then have the opportunity to work with our Ugandan Team to make your experience impactful and memorable for both you and for the people and communities we serve. We will help to answer any questions you may still have as well as prepare you for your visit to Uganda.